Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher's Responsibility

Teacher said to be perfect if it had a responsibility well run. The teacher is an educator who is also a mentor. In the humanitarian field in schools, teachers must be able to be him as a second parent for students. A teacher should be able to draw sympathy to become an idol of the students and preferably so that students enjoy learning with the teacher.

Experts say that the teacher's responsibility to be able to sue the students for learning, the most important thing is to plan and implement activities require students to learn the teacher in order to achieve growth and development as expected. Teachers have a responsibility to participate in building the school curriculum. Teachers actually is a key most knowledgeable about curriculum purposes in accordance with the level of development of the students.

Teachers are responsible for implementing better guidance to the student's personality, character and physical. Distribute knowledge to students is actually not a difficult job. However nurture students to become human character is definitely not an easy job. A teacher is responsible for providing guidance to the students. The guidance that the students get to know themselves, solve their own problems, as well as having good emotional.

Teachers are responsible for making a diagnosis of learning difficulties as well as the assessment of student learning, doing research. Teachers as people engaged in education should always fix the way he worked. Teachers are responsible to know the community. A teacher may not perform tasks effectively, if the teacher does not know the community. Teachers are responsible to follow the success of development which is the most appropriate way to bring people into welfare. The development is the development of spiritual and material fields.

Teachers have a moral responsibility which every teacher must have the ability to live as well as ethical behavior in accordance with Pancasila as well practice it. Responsibilities of teachers in the field of education in schools is to master an effective way of teaching where the teacher should be a model for students, can provide advice, guidance and services to master the technique and can make and carry out another evaluation.

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