Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The First Child is Smarter than The Younger Child.

The first child does have a higher intelligence than they brothers, but the difference in IQ level is not too high.

Results of studies involving 377,000 school children concluded, first born child does have a higher IQ and have a positive attitude than they brothers.

However, differences in the level of intelligence of children with the eldest brother is not too significant, so less impact on everyday life.

Eldest children tend to be more extroverted (personality open), has a high curiosity and readily agreed. In addition, children are also more rare first panic than a second child and so on

"The first child has the advantage of a higher level of IQ 0:02. Although the difference was statistically significant but it's useless," said Rodica Damian, professor of psychology at the University of Houston.

Because it is a little difference, according to Damian, this should have no effect on parenting.

He said, to ensure a child's IQ differences based on birth order, research should be done long term, collecting data and IQ test scores of personality until the child reaches a
certain age.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Character Education Role In Completing Personality

In the beginning, man was born only bring "personality" or personality. In general, there are four kinds of human personality and there are a lot of theories that use different terms even use color, but the pattern remains the same. In general, there are four personality, namely:

  1. Koleris: This type is characterized by personal who like independence, assertive, fiery, like challenges, boss of himself.
  2. Sanguinis: This type is characterized by practical things like, happy and cheerful always, like surprises, like all social activities and fun.
  3. Plegmatis: This type is characterized by like cooperation, avoid conflict, do not like the sudden change, the interlocutor is good, like a sure thing.
  4. Melancholy: This type is characterized by love with detail, save anger, Perfection, like clear instructions, highly favored routine.

On top of this is that the classical theory and the theory now growing a lot, and is still widely used as an assay to measure human potential.
Personality is not a character. Everyone has a different personality. Well from 4 to these personalities, each personality has weaknesses and advantages of each. Eg type koleris identical to the person who spoke "rough" and sometimes it does not matter, which is often difficult personal sanguine invited to serious, often difficult plegmatis invited definite step and impress passive, melancholy stuck with a personal dilemma "yes" in the mouth and "no" hearts, and tend perfectionis in detail the life and this is what sometimes makes others quite hassles.

Every man can not choose his personality, personality has a gift of God the creator when men are born. And every person who has a definite personality flaw and advantages in aspects of social life and each individual. Easy yes, this explanation.

Well, his character where? As each man learns to overcome his weaknesses and improve his weaknesses and bring a new positive habit that is called character. For example, a pure koleris but very polite in expression and instructions to others, a sanguine able to bring himself to be serious in a situation that requires calmness and focus attention. That character. Character education is the provision of views on the various types of life values, such as honesty, intelligence, and a concern for others. And that is the choice of each individual to be developed and need in building, from an early age (ideally).

Character can not be inherited, the character can not be bought and character can not be exchanged. Character must be consciously built and developed day by day by means of a PROCESS that is not instant. Character is not something innate that can not be changed again as fingerprints.

I noticed that many people with bad character likely to blame their circumstances. They often claim that they brought up the wrong way, financial difficulties, treatment of others or other conditions that make them like this. It is true that in life, we have to face a lot of things beyond our control, but your character is not the case. Your character is always the result of your choice.

Know that you have the potential to become a person of character, Earn the it. Character, more than anything and will make you a person who has added value. Character will protect everything that you value in life.

Each person is responsible for his character. You have full control over your character, meaning that you can not blame others for your bad character because you are entirely responsible. Develop character is your personal LIABILITY.

Character Building Education

Understanding Character Education According to Expert

Strengthening moral education (moral education) or educational character (character education) is very relevant in the present context to address the moral crisis that has engulfed our country. The crisis, among others, in the form of increased promiscuity, rampant levels of violence children and adolescents, crimes against friends, teenagers theft, cheating habits, drug abuse, pornography, and the destruction of property of others has become a social problem that until now have not been able to completely resolved, therefore, the importance of character education.

Expert Told . . .
According Lickona, related to the concept of moral character (moral knowning), moral attitudes (moral felling), and moral behavior (moral behavior). Based on these three components can be stated that the characters are well supported by the knowledge of the good, the desire to do good, and do deeds of kindness. Outlined below is a chart of the third link this framework.

Character Education According Lickona
Simply put, character education can be defined as any business that can be done to influence the character of the students. But to know the proper sense, it can be noted here that the definition of character education delivered by Thomas Lickona. Lickona stated that the definition of character education is a deliberate attempt to help someone so that he can understand, pay attention, and do the ethical values that core.

Character Education According to Suyanto
Suyanto (2009) defines the character as a way of thinking and behaving that is characteristic of each individual to live and work together, both within the family, community, nation, and state.

Character Education According Kertajaya
Character is the hallmark of which is owned by an object or individual. Characteristic is genuine and rooted in personality or individual objects, as well as an "engine" that drives how an act, behave, say, and respond to something (Kertajaya, 2010).

Character Education According to the Dictionary of Psychology
According to the dictionary of psychology, personality character is to be reviewed from the standpoint of ethical or moral, for example a person's honesty, and is usually associated with the properties of the relatively fixed (Dali Gulo, 1982: p.29).

The values in character education
There are 18 grain values of character education that, Religious, Honest, Tolerance, Discipline, Work Hard, Creative, Independent, Democratic, Curiosity, Excitement Nationality, Love homeland, Appreciating the achievements, Friendly / communicative, Love Peace, Joy of reading , Care for the environment, social Caring, responsibility.
More details on the values of character education can be seen in the chart below

Read more: CHARACTER EDUCATION: Understanding Character Education

Character values based culture of the nation

18 values of character education
  1. religious
  2. honest
  3. tolerance
  4. discipline
  5. toil
  6. creative
  7. independent
  8. democratic
  9. curiosity
  10. national spirit
  11. love of the homeland
  12. appreciate achievements
  13. friends / communicate
  14. love peace
  15. like to read
  16. environmental care
  17. social care
  18. responsibility

Character education has become a concern to many countries in order to prepare the next generation of quality, not only for the benefit of individual citizens, but also for the citizens as a whole. Character education can be defined as the deliberate us of all dimensions of school life to foster optimal character development (we deliberately efforts of all dimensions of the life of the school / madrasah to assist the formation of character optimally.
Character education requires special methods appropriate for the purpose of education can be achieved. Among the appropriate learning method is exemplary method, the method of habituation, and methods of praise and punishment.

Well so is some sense of character education, according to experts, may be useful.

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