Friday, May 9, 2014

Innovation Learning for Teachers

At the time of the learning method has been determined, the expectation of the result will always eagerly anticipated by all the supporting elements in the learning process. If the expectations of the journey does not go there tends to be confusion even then it takes an innovation for the teaching ranks. Innovation is needed to find a better way or another way to get good results from the learning process. In the innovation itself has some significant value in learning include:

  1. There is improvement in the quality of learning start in terms of planning, and evaluation processes 
  2. An increase student graduation. 
  3. Improvement in the quality of education provision
In the above 3 points is the purpose of doing innovation. To get a good result there are several ways in which you can use innovation. One of them is the way ICT is Information, communication and technology. In the learning process also takes ICT to manage information with the aim that can be managed easily. This method has the properties of an effective and efficient for the management could be stored in the form of voice, text and images that would later become a science. With the use of ICT in the learning process will be more interesting and not monotonous. Why does this happen? Due to the use of ICT that has been well planned and systematic manner then the learning process will be more interesting and dynamic.

As actors educational use of ICT in learning should be supported. Because ICT can also have positive effects in the form of students' ability to think better. Slain was to increase the value of effectiveness, efficient and how interesting the learning process. The use of ICT as one of the innovations in education have been implemented in recent years. This innovation is very suitable when viewed from the ability of some areas to meet the needs of information providers is minimal because the teacher learning also need to be an expert in this innovation. Enough with the computer but also the role of the desert is not always well executed.

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