Thursday, May 8, 2014

Character Of The Teacher

It takes the character of a good teacher in order to be a professional teacher. A character that is written in the book is not easy to put into practice especially associated with many other factors. Here is a character who could make a teacher become a professional teacher.

Humility is a character in which an open-minded teacher will easily accept new things. Amid the rapid growth and access all types of information, then everyone must learn again and want to be a learner. This condition makes the teacher can be a fun learning partner to students and fellow teachers. With humble character then pave the way for the entry of a new science.

Smart Time Management 
The teacher is a person who works with administrative and teaching duties that much on a weekly basis, are required to be good at managing time. Not only students who have a right to class teachers, but also their families at home as well 
require attention. A teacher is expected to distinguish good at managing time priority, which must be done now or should be done gradually.

Appreciate a process 
Feeling bored, tired and exhausted from the activity will be lost if teachers appreciate the process. The process is such that the perceived velocity of the universe. If you feel tired, failed or not succeeded in teaching then respect the efforts that have been made ​​and assume all is process. If sorry and lazy because it has failed then there would be a victim students because teachers appear unremarkable without innovation.

Knowledge and information evolve and grow very rapidly. Now there is information available anywhere and just how easily a person with a mind able to digest and utilize. An open-minded teacher character is what meaningful at this time to implement. With an open mind then the teacher will be easy to accept the differences and delight will change.

Self-confidence is very much different from the arrogant. A teacher who is confident will bend over backwards to prepare for teaching. With the character of a teacher who is confident that he is unsure as difficult as any problem that arises, it will give him the experience and input in the future.

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