Friday, April 25, 2014

Teacher Work Discipline

Discipline is very necessary work of teachers by a teacher in carrying out their duties. Discipline is the operational functions of human resource management. Discipline is the most important operative function better as a discipline of employees, the higher labor discipline that can be achieved. Labor discipline can be interpreted as a form of respect for the person's behavior in the regulations and comply with certain provisions in connection with the work. 

Without good discipline then it will be very difficult for a company to achieve optimum results. Good discipline is a reflection of the magnitude of one's sense of responsibility will be duty he received. With the discipline will encourage morale, to achieve company goals.

Labor discipline teacher wants to implementation of all existing regulations and in case of breach action should be taken . Action for mistakes made in the form of penalties or sanctions can be firm and not negotiable . An expert defines the discipline is a choice in life to get what they want by running what is really undesirable .

After doing the actual undesirable in some time , eventually becoming disciplined choices in life in order to get what one wants to undergo what is now finally wants to do . A person can be disciplined and ultimately enjoy it after a few years of living it .

Elements which are bound in the work discipline of teachers is the lack of legislation , guidelines for implementation , sanctions, awareness and willingness to comply with the guidelines and strengthen the organization . From the description it could be explained that the discipline of work is a form of awareness and willingness of workers to respect and obey, and obey the rules applicable laws either written or unwritten rules to be ready to bear the consequences of sanctions for wrongdoing.

Discipline is a requirement that must exist for all who want to build a new habit . The new man will get a new habit when he has the discipline to run it continuously without ever lost in a specified time interval .

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