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There are three countries in the world that uses only two colors (red and white) on the design of the flag, the Republic of Indonesia, the Principality of Monaco and Poland. Each - each of the 3 countries use two-color flag design since more than 100 years ago. Each has its own history, also has its own interpretation of the meaning of the red and white colors that they use as the national flag.

Which country first design using dual color (red and white) for the first time today?

Flag of Poland consists of two horizontal lines with the same width, the top white and the bottom red. The two colors are defined in the Polish constitution as the national colors.

Red white and was officially adopted as national colors in 1831.

It was based on tinctures (colors) typical of the state constituencies emblem two Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ie the White Eagle of Poland and the Pursuer of Lithuania, a white knight riding a white horse is complete with a red shield. Prior to that, Polish soldiers wearing different color combinations.

The national flag was officially adopted in 1919. Since 2004, Polish Flag Daydirayakan on May 2.

Monaco national flag consists of two equal horizontal strips, red (top) and white (below). Colour Red and White has a distinctive style of The House of Grimaldi since at least 1339, but with design changes. Two-color design was adopted on 4 April 1881, under the leadership of Prince Charles III.

The original flag of Monaco (shaped similar to Monaco but the state flag picture state symbol in the middle of the previous version) has been used since the beginning of this royal stand, except when France annexed Monaco in the period 1793-1814. The shape is now simpler into use since 4 April 1881.

The national flag of Indonesia, which is known as Sang Saka Merah Putih ("Red and White") was based on the flag of the Majapahit Empire in the 13th century in East Java.

The flag itself was introduced and officially hoisted in front of the world on Indonesian Independence Day ceremony, dated August 17, 1945.

Flag design has remained the same until sekarang.Warna white red flag comes from the Majapahit Empire in the 13th century. Then, the colors were revived by students and nationalists in the early 20th century as an expression of nationalism against the Dutch.

Red-white flag was hoisted for the first time in Java in 1928. Under the Dutch, the flag fluttering prohibited. This system was adopted as the national flag on August 17, 1945, when independence was declared and has been used since then.

There is also another story about the flag of Indonesia, which was significantly associated with the Dutch flag. Under Dutch colonialism, every business uses the Dutch flag (red-white-blue). While the Indonesian flag banned digu the farm. As a symbol of resistance against the Dutch, Indonesian nationalist and independence movement tore the Dutch flag. They tore the bottom of the flag, and separating the red and white colors of the color blue.

The main reason is because of the blue on the flag of the Dutch aristocracy understood as standing for "blue-blooded". In contrast, the red color represents the blood shed in the War of Independence, while white can be understood to symbolize purity official Indonesia.Nama is the Red and White in accordance with Article 35 of the 1945 Constitution. This flag is also commonly called the Red and White flag, the Dwiwarna, or the Sang Saka Merah Putih. Heritage flag is the flag that was hoisted in front of Sukarno house moments after he proclaimed Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945. This heirloom flag was sewn by Mrs. Fatmawati Soekarno, and was hoisted every year in front of the presidential palace during the Independence Day ceremony. However, because it is considered too fragile, heirloom flag was raised for the last time on August 17, 1968. Red means courage, while white means purity. The red is the human body or physical life, while white symbolizes the human soul or spiritual life. Together they stand for a complete human being. Traditionally, the majority of Indonesian people have been using the red and white as their sacred colors, mixing the color of sugar (red color comes from palm sugar or palm sugar) and rice (white). To this day, both of which are major components of Indonesian dishes every day. Apparently, residents of the Majapahit Empire also uses this concept and designed as a red and white flag.

So Indonesia is the first to use the red and white flag and have never experienced a flag design changes. Although frequent upheavals in the country, change the system of government, imperialism, colonization by the red, white will still fly.

Indonesia Flag History

History of red and white flag
- Badira / bandir which means pennants
- Badiera roman clumps of Italian language kun - In sangsakerta for banner, banners, dhuaja
Flag is a symbol of sovereignty symbol of independence. Whereby countries that have their own flag, meaning the country would be free to all forms of state regulation is
According purwadarminta WJS, the flag is a piece of fabric squares or triangles in the given column (rod) is used as a symbol, a sign, and the like: banners, stump

Indonesia ancient race while still located in the plains of southeastern Asia over 6000 years ago in the sun, the sky and the moon is a very important thing in the course of human life. respect for the heavenly bodies called chandra surya honor.

Race indonesia ancient connects the sun with red and moon with white. due honor surya chandra. race indonesia very respectful of red and white both the symbol represents life, red symbolizes the rubber, the characteristics of plants still alive. red and white color is considered a symbol of greatness, loyalty, and success.

Red color - white for indonesia especially for the Austronesian family is generally the hallmark greatness supernatural power and success. based on the assumption the conclusion of understand why emblem national struggle indonesia. nasioanal national emblem of the red flags and red-white flag putih.kemudian called "the" meaning the perennial splendor temurun.sehingga down flag means that honored the legacy of race color indonesia

RED: bold, brown sugar, red mush, brave, strong, burning, blood
WHITE: coconut sugar, pure, clean, rubber, pulp, white

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Metaphor: the land is footing the flag when the flag fell as if stepping on flag
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