Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Teachers Teach...?

How to be a critical success teachers teaching and learning process. Teachers who have the ability to teach can feel that wherever he teaches is fun. The role of a teacher should be able to make an impact on his students through personality.

A teacher who wants his students to experience growth should make observations and research on the theory and practice of teaching so that he can always improve the way in teaching. If a teacher understands clearly lessons to be delivered, then he can convince the students that they believe what the teacher presented. Students can also be attracted to teaching teachers how to present it depends. 

Good way teachers teach is to know clearly the object of teaching. If the clear teaching of the target it will make the student can see clearly the intention of the subject. Pupils can catch all subjects, even those making progress in learning.

Things to consider when choosing and write down goals is a core teaching objectives should be clearly stated, an important expression of the target subjects should starts from the concept disciples, learning objectives should include learning outcomes and most importantly, the results of the target can be achieved. 

The essence of teaching should be organized and systematic. Expand using the example of the life time of teaching, multiply the examples or figures wearing everyday life or what you've experienced. In learning to use the encyclopedia. Encyclopedia is a book that is used by scientists, which in the encyclopedia there are many explanations that use images.

Understanding between a teacher and student communication is an important requirement above. With good communication will be more effective distribution of knowledge. Use the best way of teaching. Make changes so that students do not get bored. How teachers teach best way is to use teaching that have the variety and flexible so that the learning process is more fresh. 

Effective way of teaching is to make oneself as a living example to tell the truth. This method is the most influential. Someone will be authoritative if there is harmony between theory and practice.

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