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My New Channel on Youtube

I am currently developing something new that I have never done, I try something to my students, experimenting in making a learning video, each student is divided into several groups, and each group tries to make a video from themes that I have set.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Differences between Educating, Teaching, Guiding, and Coaching

Understanding Educating, Teaching, Guiding, and Train
What is educational understanding? Is it as educational as teaching? Then how to train and guide? Perhaps the difference between the four words (which is very closely related to the world of teachers, the world of education) is rather vague and unclear. Drs. Suparlan, M.Pd. in his book titled Becoming an Effective Teacher has listed the differences between educating, mentoring and training and teaching. Here are the four differences according to him:

Educate: In terms of content, education is strongly related to morality and personality. If viewed from the aspect of the process, then educate related to provide motivation to learn and follow the rules or order that has become mutual agreement. Then when judging in terms of strategies and methods used, educate more using exemplary and habituation.

Guiding: When viewed in terms of content, then guiding relating to norms and order. Viewed from the aspect of the process, then educate can be done by delivering or transferring teaching materials in the form of science, technology and art by using strategies and teaching methods in accordance with individual differences of each student. Then when viewed from the strategies and methods used, then guide more form of motivation and coaching.

Train: Train when viewed in terms of content is in the form of skills or life skills (life skills). When viewed from the process, then the train is done by being an example (role model) and role models in terms of morals and personality. Meanwhile, when viewed from the strategies and methods that can be used, namely through work practices, simulations, and internships.

Teaching: When viewed in terms of content, then teaching in the form of teaching materials in the form of science. The process is done by giving examples to students or practicing certain skills or applying concepts given to students in order to become proficiency that can be used in everyday life. Strategies and methods that can be used for teaching such as expository and inquiry.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Educate Children Smarter (For 2 years Old)

Many studies reveal that the first year of child development is also called the golden stage or Golden Age that takes place in the first 1000 days of the baby's life. And in this time frame is the main time or prime time for the learning phase of the child. But as the development of children there may be some ha that make parents difficult to stimulate child development. Here are some tips to help parents teach children in this golden age to be more intelligent.

1. Introduce with music
According to research, revealed that music helps the development of children become more intelligent. The average child who studies music has a more prominent achievement than children who do not know music at all. Even music is also very useful when the child is still in the womb, as one way to make a smart child since the womb. And from the study also revealed that within 6 months only when a child learning the music of cognitive abilities experienced significant improvement.

2. Provide adequate nutrition
Nutrition is very important for the development of children, especially in the golden age of growth. Adequacy of nutrients and nutrients that enter the child's body will help support the development of children as a whole. A healthy child will certainly be smarter when compared to a malnourished child or suffering from malnutrition. Breast milk is one of them, because it contains the complete nutrition that children need during their development for at least the first two years.
At the age of 2 years, the child's brain needs the right balance of nutritional intake such as glucose, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, zinc, and folic acid. Children who eat breakfast regularly have better memory and focus. One of the good breakfast foods is cereal and oatmeal made from wheat.

3. Include in every activity
Educating 2-year-old child is certainly a little different from how to educate children aged 1 year, in addition to child's growing age is much different. At the age of 2 years, the child can be invited and involved in doing family activities together. If when the 1-year-old maaih is still dangerous because the child may still learn the way, certainly different from the 2-year-old child who may have been able to run. This age invites children to engage in every activity of the house such as putting his drink bottle on the table, watering flowers, tidying his own toys and all the fun things at home. When inviting children involved, note that there are no dangerous objects nearby.

4. Adequate playing time
Children instinctively love to play, anything can be a media play for children. Do not forbid or try to stop the wishes of this one child. It would be better if the parents provide a place for him to play and also beraktifitas freely. Play can also make children become more intelligent, so choose educational gear. For example, puzzles, beams, balls, drawing paper and toys that can pull out music like toy pianos. Do not forget to always watch and keep the child as he plays. Because the child could have fallen or hit his maianan when he was busy playing.

5. Invite to read
Although not yet able to read, but invites children at the age of 2 years to start to know the book and reading will provide good stimulation for brain development. Do not just read a story or story to a child but invite him to read. According to research, invites children to read colorful fairy tale books, able to stimulate the ability to read early on. Because when reading a child's fairy tale not only see the visual of the book but also hear the words spoken by the mother or father who would be recorded in the child's brain memory.

6. Speak up
By inviting children at the age of 2 years to chat, indirectly parents will teach him various kinds of vocabulary. So the child will love to talk and also imitate speech. It will also improve the intelligence of the child and as a way to educate the child to be confident in speaking well.

7. Teach with good habits
The name of good habits must be built by getting children to do good things. For example throw samoah in place, pray, and should not say rude and also shout. Also teach children also simple activities such as pee in the toilet, eating with a spoon, wearing pants or clothes themselves. It is very good as one way to educate 2-year-olds to be disciplined and responsible.

8. Teach sleep on time
Sleep has an important role in helping the child's growth become more optimal. Indeed, many things that can be a cause of difficulty sleeping the night that can reduce the quality of child's sleep. But by teaching children to sleep on time it can be slightly reduced. At least the child's sleep time in these times until the age of 5 years should be no less than 11 hours or more than 13 hours in a day.

9. Limit time to watch tv
Television is now very developed with the number of programs offered. As a parent should be wise in giving television spectacle to the child, because this is a bit more able to give effect to the development of children. Give the right time to watch television, because children aged 2 years can already addicted to watching tv and this is not good for the attitude and behavior of the next child. Moreover, watching tv for two-year-olds does not have any meaningful benefits.
Indeed educate the child can not be equally - leveled out at all ages, because each child has his ability - each. So even with the intelligence of children, although it can be sharpened to be more intelligent but that does not mean parents can impose on the child. At this stage of age two, children are still in the exploration stage. So the way to educate it should be more inviting play and fun activities so that children do not experience pressure or stress.

15 Ways to Educate a True 2-Year-Old Child

Educating 2-year-olds is not easy, especially if your child is too critical or just too quiet and passive. Educating 2-year-olds is also quite difficult where the child can not yet be understood, but their visual reasoning is working well.

This fact that makes many parents, especially new parents to be confused how to take care of their children who turn 2 years of age. It is not easy and trivial to educate 2-year-olds, where they should model good things to be imitated by 2-year-olds, because they still use the viewing and reasoning system so bad or good will be absorbed and followed. Even if not stopped they will grow into the wrong person. Here are 15 tips for educating 2 year olds, anything?

1. Firmly
Being firm is the first thing you should do. Firm does not mean fierce, because basically, firmly is something that can make it easier for someone to be able to analyze our principles ourselves. For children aged 2 years they will be confused if a rule change. Today you forbid, then they cry and you allow it. With such inconsequential events the children will belittle you as parents. If you have applied a strict Sika from an early age, the child's brain sensor will easily absorb the attitude and will instinctively act on the firmness you apply to your child.

2. Show Love
Compassion is the most expensive and can not be exchanged. As you know that a 2-year-old child still needs a thing whose name is affection with a very high level or percentage not just a mere one. With these facts love can be one of the best educating ways for children.

3. Invite to Play
Inviting play is certainly the most appropriate way to educate children aged 2 years. Playing is indeed their world and not learning, but you can embed lessons into all their games to make it easier to remember. Taking 2-year-olds also adds to the closeness of mothers and children or children with other family members. Playing and outside activities is very helpful to improve the sensory and motor nerves of the child.

4. Speak Up
Speaking may sound trivial, but do you know that taking a 2-year-old child to talk can then train them to communicate, what they are like and how they communicate. Whether good or not, polite or not and anything else. Speaking can also help them to speak fluently and not lisp or stammer.

5. Show Good Things
Showing good things certainly not only in 2-year-olds who can learn, but to all children and even adults. Especially if you can show the immediate effect or "gift" that they will receive by doing good. Teaching children good things from an early age is considered very good because the ability to absorb children when he was 2 years very good and easy to practice by the child.

However, it does not mean you as a parent can give the lure and give a gift for them to do good. That's not the right thing, because many parents do that and make the kids never do something sincerely or expecting a pamrih. If you continue to be rewarded, your children will continue to do good things just because they will get rewards, and that is not good for the child's psychic development.

6. Recommend Good Habits
Introduce good habits not merely about helping to cross the parents and so on. 2 year old child does not know yet. To introduce good habits from the smallest such as taking your own drink, eating your own food, eating with your right hand, answering children's questions carefully or answering questions in good language.

7. Show Bad Things
Showing bad things for a 2-year-old child? what could possibly be. Should not show good things? no, to train their reasoning you can show bad things and show what things are forbidden. If necessary you show how the effects or impacts are received if doing the worst. In addition, showing bad things will help them analyze what is actually prohibited or what is allowed.

8. Teach Punishment
Teaching punishment helps you become a smart and assertive parent. What if they cry? the humane thing a 2 year old boy is punished and weeping. But with the punishment then you have taught that the life of 2-year-old child-had already had a rule or a good restriction or not. But the punishment must be adjusted and not too heavy. For example, when your child picks up his friend's toys then you should punish him by giving your child a toy to a friend who picked up his toys. Will a 2 year old child be crying? it is clear, but with that little thing you remove the nature or personality of your child's greed.

9. Stop Crying With Other Ways
Stop the crying not merely with praise and reward or lure. But to stop the crying is not also angry or beat them. Stopping a cry can be included in how to educate a child, at the age of 2 years the child should be taught to reduce the whimper by crying. Train them to talk about what is being asked not by crying.

10. Give the Rules
Providing rules helps them with a better life. 2-year-olds still need freedom of expression, they are growing up. However, that does not mean the rules are lost and specified. For example the child wants a cake 2 then the cake is gone, then he should not take his sister's cake or his sister. Because he already ate his cake. This is called a rule that can be applied to a 2-year-old child.

11. Let Them Contend
2 year olds are still 100% old? not necessarily, too. A 2-year-old child is able to present the desires and things most needed for himself. So let them think and express their desires and intentions. That way you can examine the extent to which your child has developed or not. Let them dare to express their wishes and opinions correctly since the age of 2 years. Because by arguing, the child will be able to understand what is meant by cause and effect.

12. Do not Limit Interest and Talent
Do not limit the interest and talent of 2-year-olds. For 2-year-olds are usually new to many things and recognize new objects that previously may never be known or never seen. So do not limit their interests and talents, some children sometimes have seen interest and talent since the age of 2 years.

For example, the child is happy with the color puzzle or may have been happy to play beams of interest then and talent can be seen from the game or their activities even if only vague. Because 2-year-olds are still familiar with a variety of things not including can be categorized as having liked a particular interest or talent.

13. Do not Snap
Snapping is the most prohibited thing in educating children especially those who are still 2 years old. Barking will only add to their fear, where snapping just shows the wrong thing in children aged 2 years. They will imitate you to yell at others to be heard, so you can grow the nature and personality of tempramen to the child who is still 2 years old. Snapping also can only grow a child into a thug and try to arrange other people including his friends.

14. Do not Use Hands
Using the hands is the most forbidden before snapping or after snapping. Using a hand will only cause a 2-year-old child to be terrified and traumatic. Especially if using hands to educate them minded that other people do cruel things and they should not be wrong, so the child will never want to try or want to do things at risk. It is clear the child will not develop well. If there is a use of the hand should be reminded, especially if the do is your spouse who together became parents with you.

15. Spend More Time
2-year-olds need high attention, great curiosity but not being able to take care of themselves cause you as a parent should be able to spend better time. Not only that, taking the time can help you provide better quality of education and more targeted. If you want to help a 2-year-old learn to speak well, then you should spend time better to keep talking and train your child to talk.
Similarly, a full explanation of some ways that can be followed to teach your child who is 2 years old, so that your child grows and develops positively, both physical and psychic.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Relationship Between Education Level and Public Awareness about Health

This is my first Post in 2018, it's has been while since my last Post in 2016, So Please enjoy my Latest Post, i hope you not dissapointed.

 Relationship Between Education Level and Public Awareness about Health

 One's education is one process of behavior change, the higher one's education then in choosing places of health services increasingly taken into account.

 According to Azwar (1996), is a factor that affects one's behavior and education can mature a person and behave well, so as to choose and make decisions more precisely.

 Education affects the learning process, according to Mantra (2003), the higher a person's education the easier the person will receive the information. With higher education then someone will tend to get information either from other people or from mass media. The more information that comes in the more knowledge acquired, also includes knowledge about health.

 The higher level of education or knowledge of a person, the more the need for health care centers as a place for treatment for himself and his family. With highly educated, the insights of pengatehuan are growing and increasingly realizing that it is so important to the health of life that it is motivated to make visits to better healthcare centers.

Monday, October 31, 2016

I'm Back To Write's

Already 7 months, I'm not actively writing this blog, is caused by many things such as teaching, training, and outdoor activities are very time-consuming. hopefully in november this blog can be active again and the readers can re-read my post.

glad to be back to fill posts in this blog, I hope the other bloggers who do not experience the same thing with what I experienced today. This post is the first of this month, hopefully ideas and my creativity back in the same way again.

finally glad to be back to fill this blog post again.

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