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How to Get Scholarships

Scholarships are not open to them with a resounding academic achievement alone, Bright Friends. Many ways to reach scholarship opportunities in accordance with the qualifications you have. How to?

Believed that higher education can change a person's future for the better. Just get better access to higher education is not cheap. In addition to the entry fee, a good student, students S1, S2 and doctoral inevitably expend considerable cost to buy books and do research.

Scholarship is one perfect solution to address the financial problems of the students. In addition to ease the financial burden, if winning a scholarship will certainly add value to your resume. Who are the institutions that will provide scholarship assistance? Consider the following tips before you "hunting"!

Scholarships from the university
Usually many universities both at home and abroad that provide scholarships for new students. So, before enrolling at university you're going, it's good to ask if the university provides scholarships for new students.

There are several considerations put forward by the university before accepting you as a participant scholarships. Each university, faculty and department usually has a different requirement. There is a priority to academic achievement with a minimum value limit, there is also a consideration based on economic status scholarship applicants.

But there are also universities that consider granting scholarships for non-academic achievement as extracurricular who you follow. For example, academic achievement you are not so good, but you are reliable in the sport of basketball.

Each year, the regulations regarding grants scholarships from universities usually different. Some Universities offers scholarships since the beginning of college, but some offer scholarships only to students of a particular level. But not infrequently also universities that offer full scholarships (full time) for a specific program or department annually. We recommend that you consult with your academic advisor in order to obtain a clearer explanation of the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

Government scholarship
If the university does not provide scholarships, you can switch on the scholarship program launched by the government, both domestically and abroad. Usually a scholarship from the government more specifically its kind, based on merit or the needs of the recipients.

Many government scholarships are intended for those who are unable, for example, to those living in remote areas, women, students who suffer from physical disabilities, or indeed not well off financially.

Scholarships for master's and doctoral programs was widely shared by the government. It's just that the competition is intense. But once the scholarship is worth a try, because the funds were given often covers all the total tuition until you pass. Consultation with the academic advisor to find out if you are eligible to participate in the scholarship program offered by the government.

Scholarships from private companies
If you just graduated from high school and want to find a scholarship to continue S1, ask the parents whether their employers offer scholarships to children of employees.

So also with you who are already working, ask HR if it is possible to get a scholarship for employees.

Scholarships from foundations
Universities and private companies are not the only sources of scholarships. You can also try some of the charitable foundation and scholarship of the individual. Usually the scholarship is not only true for learning purposes in the country, but also abroad.

As well as government scholarships, scholarships granted by the charitable foundation aimed at those who are less fortunate or specific targets. Sometimes this type of scholarship only certain educational program offers scholarships to students from areas that have not been considered advanced. But, from the charitable foundation scholarships is also not rule out the possibility for those who are active in organizations or active in social work.

Do not hesitate: immediately register!
As well as schools, scholarships sertiap also has its own prestige. Do not hesitate to sign up scholarships that demand little, or only offer education costs are not much. To overcome this problem, list several scholarships at the same time, in order to accumulate sufficient funds for education that all the costs that you need to continue studies.

Do your research, read the terms and conditions of the scholarship clearly before you start to register. Do not get discouraged before trying, because scholarship is not only intended for those who have a perfect academic achievement. Talent and talent can only be a major capital to achieve the dream scholarship. Happy hunting scholarship, Bright Friends!

5 Tips on Child Education Plan

Every parent would want to provide the best for their child, including in education. Maximizing the interests and talents of children with the best education course is a parent's dream.

Therefore, the cost of a child's education is one of the things that you should not neglect to prepare. Moreover, the estimated cost of education rose by 20% annually, far greater than changes in inflation and salary increases!

With this increase, the best way to set up a fund a child's education is through investment. Hopefully the following five tips can help you:

1. Prepare early
Investments take time to develop. Cost of education is usually a long-term target that takes more than 5 years to be achieved. Therefore, the sooner you start setting aside money and investing, the better.

2. Plan your child's education level
Plan your child's education, such as the type of school you want (public and private schools or abroad), the type of education according to their interests and talents of your child (school of art, or medicine, etc.). After that, use a child's education cost calculator that you can get on the internet to calculate the estimated cost of education in the future.

3. Calculate the amount of investment you need to do
After getting the target cost of education, you can calculate the amount of investment you need to do to achieve these targets. The investment amount is influenced also by the type of investment you are making, for example, education savings, mutual funds, etc.

4. Consider Need for Life Insurance
You also have to think of the worst possibilities. What would happen if you or your partner as a family breadwinner could no longer support a family, for example due to illness or death? Prepare protection for your child, so when the worst happens, your child can still live decently and get the best education.

5. Do not Doubt inquiry
Knowledge of financial planning you can get from books, the Internet, financial news, or ask family or friends that were / are being invested. If necessary, you can also consult a financial planner to make education funding plan is best for your child.

After having a good plan for the preparation of educational funds, you'll need next is the discipline to execute the plan. Reevaluate your plan within a certain period, for example once a year, to adapt to economic conditions, the condition of your finances, etc. All for the sake of providing the best for your child!

What A Good Test...?

A colleague asked that question the other day. What is a good test? It is a really difficult question to answer. There are a number of properties that hold true for a good test. I will list some of them and discuss why I think they are important. Others may think that the order of importance is different or that other properties are more important then those that I list.
I will show some examples using Java and JUnit of what I think are bad tests and how they can be refactored to something better.
Tests are automated in my world. I always try to avoid manually testing. The main reason for this is that manual testing is slow and hard to repeat arbitrary many times. Therefore, test should be read as automated test in for the rest of this text.

Different types of tests

Tests come in many different shapes and forms. They have different purposes. Putting them in different categories is difficult and dangerous. A lot of people have opinions on the subject so it is like stepping in a mine field. Never the less, one way to categorise different tests may be this one (as suggested by Alexandru Bolboaca):
  • Acceptance
  • Integration
  • System
  • Unit
A good acceptance test is written in the domain language and clearly communicates the intent of a feature or story. The purpose is to have a way to measure when a feature can be considered done. It is formulated and understood by a domain expert rather than a developer struggling with the domain knowledge. It is expected to have a life time that is as long as the life time for product.
An integration test is usually slow. The purpose is to verify the integration between components that makes up the system. One such component could be a database.
A system test is usually very slow and could involve operations in GUI. The purpose is to verify that things that are expected to be possible to do actually is possible to do as a normal user. It could be a Selenium script that exercises the GUI through a browser by adding things to the database and then retrieve them.
A unit test must be blazing fast, running in milliseconds. The purpose is to develop the functionality incrementally and in a testable way. It is only using the core classes of the system and everything is executed in memory. This is where the use of tools like JUnit started and normally the result of test driven development, TDD. Unit tests will only test one thing by following the Single Responsible Principle, SRP.
Dividing test into these classes may differ from your opinion. Please suggest an alternative division if you think there may be a need for it.
One common thing for all categories above is that they follow the three R’s of automated tests:
  • Rapid
  • Reliable
  • Relevant

6 Alternative low vacation spots in Indonesia

While there is still in a holiday mood, there is no harm I would like to give a little information about the exact inexpensive vacation travel.

Finally, the holiday season has arrived ya, it's time you vacation with your family and your closest friends. After a long work collecting money, it is time to relax unwind and enjoy time with loved ones. Going on vacation is certainly going to need the money, but the holiday was not cool to go abroad or go to expensive places. You can make your holiday with fun and cool in Indonesia really. Surely you already know about Indonesia's loads of tourist places, so you just select any of the thousands of wonderful places. But for you who are still confused where tourist destinations are cool and you also want a cheap, here we give 6 cool and cheap tourist destinations that exist only in Indonesia.

1. Batu, Malang
City dubbed Apple City has myriad tourist destination is very exciting, cool, and make you shocked. Especially for those of you who have never come to it, you would not have thought that Batu, Malang is a tourist town that is very pleasant. On the stone you can find culinary delicious, a nice view, cool atmosphere calming, and the exact locations of the many attractions, such as East Java Park 1 and 2, Eco Green Park, and New Night Spectacular. To be able to enjoy all the tourist sites, you can buy a season ticket price is very affordable. In addition, for you and your classic car lovers who are looking for a unique photo spot, you can come to the Museum of Transport. Guaranteed you will be astonished.

Costs required to vacation in Stone very varied and can be tailored to your budget. Diverse culinary and lodging can be enjoyed at an affordable price but comfortable.

2. Yogyakarta
Special city that is famous for his Kingdom is one cool cheap tourist destination for living. Typical food as tasty as warm and stir firecrackers can you feel the price is very cheap, but it is also the location of the tour you can enjoy without paying expensive or even some are free! Yogyakarta has attractions which are complete. If you like historical relics, you can come to Prambanan, Yogyakarta Palace and Taman Sari Water Castle. For you who like shopping, Yogyakarta also has the famous shopping center is along Jalan Malioboro. And for nature lovers as well as finding a good photo spot, come to Parangtritis, Mount Merapi, and excited Loka Zoo. So the city is convenience and versatile suitable for all of you.

In addition the price for a vacation in Yogyakarta not really expensive. Cost for a meal and a place to stay you can customize to your budget. To enjoy its attractions as well you do not need to fear costly.

3. Bogor
Rain city has its own charm that is hard to resist. The town lies at the foot of the mountain presents many unique culinary scattered throughout the city and the natural attractions of interest, namely Bogor Botanical Gardens and the Palace of Bogor. The fare walk in Bogor guaranteed cheap, ranging from food prices to the tourist attractions. So, do not be afraid costly.

4. Solo
Solo or Surakarta is also called in a strategic place, ie in the middle of land in Central Java. Because of this, Solo visited by people from various regions. In addition, Solo has attractions which are comprehensive, ranging from culinary, clothing, and various tourist attractions. You are looking for a spot of shopping busatna? Pasar Klewer in Solo there that will make you feel at home because there are various types of batik and the price is very low. Then if you want to go to the tourist attractions, please come to Sriwedari Park, Museum of Ancient Man Sangiran, and the Pandavas Water World Solo Baru. All of this you can enjoy only in Solo and at a cheap price.

5. Lamongan
Located on the north coast of East Java Lamongan city provides various types of tourist tours either artificial or natural. The natural beauty of this place is no doubt due to many great places here. For you who want to relax chili dip, please go to Travel Brumbung Thermal Baths. Well if you want to feel the entertainment here, you can come to the Maharani Zoo and Goa, as well as Marine Tourism Lamongan. Your vacation will definitely low and fun here.
6. Cirebon
The city is located in West Java and is easily accessible by you who live in Jakarta. Here you can enjoy the taste of good food and interesting sights that certainly does not make perforated bag. Culinary enthusiasts should sample the delicious flavor typical rice jamblang Cirebon who also became an icon of the city. You are looking for a great tourist spot, let's go to Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave and the Great Mosque of the Taste. Both of these places have a good view
Now you already know the holiday destination not make perforated bags but not boring. So there is still fear for the holidays? Indonesia has so many tourist sites that you can go and not lose good scenery may even be better than abroad. In addition, the cost is cheaper. So the holiday fun and cool do not need expensive, right?


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happy new year 2016, hopefully next year could be even better.

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