Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Teachers Teach...?

How to be a critical success teachers teaching and learning process. Teachers who have the ability to teach can feel that wherever he teaches is fun. The role of a teacher should be able to make an impact on his students through personality.

A teacher who wants his students to experience growth should make observations and research on the theory and practice of teaching so that he can always improve the way in teaching. If a teacher understands clearly lessons to be delivered, then he can convince the students that they believe what the teacher presented. Students can also be attracted to teaching teachers how to present it depends. 

Good way teachers teach is to know clearly the object of teaching. If the clear teaching of the target it will make the student can see clearly the intention of the subject. Pupils can catch all subjects, even those making progress in learning.

Things to consider when choosing and write down goals is a core teaching objectives should be clearly stated, an important expression of the target subjects should starts from the concept disciples, learning objectives should include learning outcomes and most importantly, the results of the target can be achieved. 

The essence of teaching should be organized and systematic. Expand using the example of the life time of teaching, multiply the examples or figures wearing everyday life or what you've experienced. In learning to use the encyclopedia. Encyclopedia is a book that is used by scientists, which in the encyclopedia there are many explanations that use images.

Understanding between a teacher and student communication is an important requirement above. With good communication will be more effective distribution of knowledge. Use the best way of teaching. Make changes so that students do not get bored. How teachers teach best way is to use teaching that have the variety and flexible so that the learning process is more fresh. 

Effective way of teaching is to make oneself as a living example to tell the truth. This method is the most influential. Someone will be authoritative if there is harmony between theory and practice.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Direct Learning Model

Direct instructional model, known as direct instruction is a teaching model that focuses on mastering concepts and also change the behavior of a deductive approach. Here the role of the teacher is very important as a transmitter of information, so it's been a teacher should take advantage of existing facilities such as tape recorders, films, demonstrations, drawings and so on. The information presented can be knowledge of procedural and declarative knowledge in nature. Despite this drawback, namely learning models such as this can not be used at all times and can not be applied in all the learning objectives.

In the syntax of direct instructional model, there are seven steps where at each step there are stages in the delivery of material. For more details, refer to the following:

Delivering orientation lessons and learning objectives to students. 
So at this stage the teachers convey some things to learn and also the expected performance of learners. 

Conduct a review of knowledge and skills of pre-requisites. 
Here the teacher will ask questions to determine the skills and knowledge students already mastered. 

Delivering course material. 
In this stage the teacher will deliver the materials and information as well as provide a variety of examples and so on

Implement guidance. 
So the guidance is done by asking questions aimed at assessing the level of understanding of the students and try to correct the misconceptions that exist. 

Provide opportunities for students to continue to practice. 
Here teachers provide opportunities for students to continue to practice skills and use new information in groups or individually. 

Assess the performance of each student and give him feedback. 
In this stage the teacher will give a review of everything that has been done the student, then the teacher will provide feedback on the student's response correctly.

Provide independent practice. 
So teachers can give assignments independently for the students in order to increase understanding of the material that has been submitted. 

In addition, the direct instructional model can basically and very suitable to be applied if found in situations that allow them as follows:
  • When teachers want to try to introduce new areas of learning. 
  • When teachers want to try to teach skills to students or teaching procedures that have a clear structure. 
  • When the students find difficulties can be overcome with a structured explanation. 
  • When the teacher wants to convey a particular technique before the students do practice activities. 
  • When the teacher wants the students interested in the topic.
So the direct instructional model should be applied when it is already found several conditions such as those described, so that the learning process and the delivery of content to students can be more effective.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Innovation Learning for Teachers

At the time of the learning method has been determined, the expectation of the result will always eagerly anticipated by all the supporting elements in the learning process. If the expectations of the journey does not go there tends to be confusion even then it takes an innovation for the teaching ranks. Innovation is needed to find a better way or another way to get good results from the learning process. In the innovation itself has some significant value in learning include:

  1. There is improvement in the quality of learning start in terms of planning, and evaluation processes 
  2. An increase student graduation. 
  3. Improvement in the quality of education provision
In the above 3 points is the purpose of doing innovation. To get a good result there are several ways in which you can use innovation. One of them is the way ICT is Information, communication and technology. In the learning process also takes ICT to manage information with the aim that can be managed easily. This method has the properties of an effective and efficient for the management could be stored in the form of voice, text and images that would later become a science. With the use of ICT in the learning process will be more interesting and not monotonous. Why does this happen? Due to the use of ICT that has been well planned and systematic manner then the learning process will be more interesting and dynamic.

As actors educational use of ICT in learning should be supported. Because ICT can also have positive effects in the form of students' ability to think better. Slain was to increase the value of effectiveness, efficient and how interesting the learning process. The use of ICT as one of the innovations in education have been implemented in recent years. This innovation is very suitable when viewed from the ability of some areas to meet the needs of information providers is minimal because the teacher learning also need to be an expert in this innovation. Enough with the computer but also the role of the desert is not always well executed.

History of Teacher in Indonesia

Based on the history of teacher, this work is the oldest job. Job as a teacher has been around since humans are able to think and to know science. Throughout the history of life, the teacher is always in the middle of society. Teachers teach much science to make people's life easier in running or sometimes teachers teach the truth. In Indonesian history, the work of teachers was growing in line with the times.

During the Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms, the teachers come from the highest caste Brahmins. The Brahmins teach you all things related to religion and holy book. Teachers teach the philosophy of science, law, literature, martial arts, and so forth. 

In the community, teachers gain a respectable position. Teacher status even higher than the kings and nobles. Caste teachers even more precious than the other castes. At that time, teachers teach a variety of science in certain places, even well known educational institutions. Most of the educational institutions also have dormitories. It is the forerunner of the schools that exist today.

At the time Islam entered into the land of Indonesia, one of which is through education and propaganda. Through education, the scholars created the teachers through a series of education at the school. Not just any boarding school, there are other educational institutions such as the surau. In the sultanate's also been known to teachers with specialization. Education at the boarding school model also wears the boarding school system became the forerunner of today's schools.

Traditional education continues berlajan though many kings in Indonesia conquered by the VOC. The new Dutch government concerned with the fate of public education bumiputera after berlakukanya Political Ethics or Political Reply Budi. It was also due to the Dutch East Indies government needs to professionals. 

At the time of the Ethical Policy, implemented in modern education and European style. School for teachers was set up to give birth to a teacher who can oversee the colonial education system. Once the existence of a national movement to build schools breath Indonesian nationalism, the colonial education system began to be resisted. After the proclamation of independence, the teachers are united in the Indonesian Teachers Association. History teacher when the teacher is what makes this more advanced and constantly improve themselves become more qualified.

Traditional education continues to run even though many kings in Indonesia conquered by the VOC. The new Dutch government concerned with the fate of indigenous education after the enactment of the Political Ethics or Political Reciprocation. It was also due to the Dutch East Indies government needs to professionals. 

At the time of the Ethical Policy, implemented in modern education and European style. School for teachers was set up to give birth to a teacher who can oversee the colonial education system. Once the existence of a national movement to build schools breath Indonesian nationalism, the colonial education system began to be resisted. After the proclamation of independence, the teachers are united in the Indonesian Teachers Association. History teacher when the teacher is what makes this more advanced and constantly improve themselves become more qualified.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Character Of The Teacher

It takes the character of a good teacher in order to be a professional teacher. A character that is written in the book is not easy to put into practice especially associated with many other factors. Here is a character who could make a teacher become a professional teacher.

Humility is a character in which an open-minded teacher will easily accept new things. Amid the rapid growth and access all types of information, then everyone must learn again and want to be a learner. This condition makes the teacher can be a fun learning partner to students and fellow teachers. With humble character then pave the way for the entry of a new science.

Smart Time Management 
The teacher is a person who works with administrative and teaching duties that much on a weekly basis, are required to be good at managing time. Not only students who have a right to class teachers, but also their families at home as well 
require attention. A teacher is expected to distinguish good at managing time priority, which must be done now or should be done gradually.

Appreciate a process 
Feeling bored, tired and exhausted from the activity will be lost if teachers appreciate the process. The process is such that the perceived velocity of the universe. If you feel tired, failed or not succeeded in teaching then respect the efforts that have been made ​​and assume all is process. If sorry and lazy because it has failed then there would be a victim students because teachers appear unremarkable without innovation.

Knowledge and information evolve and grow very rapidly. Now there is information available anywhere and just how easily a person with a mind able to digest and utilize. An open-minded teacher character is what meaningful at this time to implement. With an open mind then the teacher will be easy to accept the differences and delight will change.

Self-confidence is very much different from the arrogant. A teacher who is confident will bend over backwards to prepare for teaching. With the character of a teacher who is confident that he is unsure as difficult as any problem that arises, it will give him the experience and input in the future.

Teacher's Responsibility

Teacher said to be perfect if it had a responsibility well run. The teacher is an educator who is also a mentor. In the humanitarian field in schools, teachers must be able to be him as a second parent for students. A teacher should be able to draw sympathy to become an idol of the students and preferably so that students enjoy learning with the teacher.

Experts say that the teacher's responsibility to be able to sue the students for learning, the most important thing is to plan and implement activities require students to learn the teacher in order to achieve growth and development as expected. Teachers have a responsibility to participate in building the school curriculum. Teachers actually is a key most knowledgeable about curriculum purposes in accordance with the level of development of the students.

Teachers are responsible for implementing better guidance to the student's personality, character and physical. Distribute knowledge to students is actually not a difficult job. However nurture students to become human character is definitely not an easy job. A teacher is responsible for providing guidance to the students. The guidance that the students get to know themselves, solve their own problems, as well as having good emotional.

Teachers are responsible for making a diagnosis of learning difficulties as well as the assessment of student learning, doing research. Teachers as people engaged in education should always fix the way he worked. Teachers are responsible to know the community. A teacher may not perform tasks effectively, if the teacher does not know the community. Teachers are responsible to follow the success of development which is the most appropriate way to bring people into welfare. The development is the development of spiritual and material fields.

Teachers have a moral responsibility which every teacher must have the ability to live as well as ethical behavior in accordance with Pancasila as well practice it. Responsibilities of teachers in the field of education in schools is to master an effective way of teaching where the teacher should be a model for students, can provide advice, guidance and services to master the technique and can make and carry out another evaluation.

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