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When Should The Little going to School?

When asked, there will probably be many reasons that can be adduced when the parents decide to send their children at a very young age. Facilities play and learn in a school that is certainly more complete than at home, could be one reason. In addition, the school at an early age is also believed to help parents to provide appropriate stimulation for her baby.

Yes, at school, your child will certainly do more physical activities such as singing, jumping or dancing. In addition, children can learn to express their feelings at a time to socialize, both with peers and teachers.

However, not a few parents who feel that educating children at a very young age is just a trend that was created to satisfy the ego's father and mother alone. Because in their view, the age of 0-5 years is the golden age of the child so it would be wise to let your child learn directly from its immediate environment.

Moreover, forcing children to go to school at a young age will only cause stress is believed that it is not likely lead to boredom. As a result, when entering elementary school, children will be cranky and declared a strike and learn even more extreme school strike.
Depending Child Development

Nana Eclipse, M.Psi, psychologist, says that the school is basically divided into four levels, namely early, elementary, middle and high. School early childhood also known as usual preschool beginning at age 3 years. The goal is to prepare children's compulsory education is primary school.

The school is considered to have an advantage because the agency has more facilities to stimulate the child. So when the question arises of how the ideal age children entered school, then the answer is dependent on the state of children themselves.

"As parents, we should most know, whether children get enough stimulation in the home, both of ourselves and the environment. When the stimulation is given is considered sufficient, it is actually legitimate when the children were not in school up to primary school age, "explained psychologist who daily practice at the Royal Hospital Progress, in Sunter.

Nana also emphasized, if the parent still wants to put their children to school since a young age, earned it not only because just want to follow the trend. For if only follow trends, then in addition to children, parents will also be joined burden.

"Actually school at an early age could be an alternative if the parents are busy working so rarely have time to play and learn with their children. Or because of other factors such as the child bored at home and wanted to go to school like a brother or a friend. It is important to note that children can be motivated and not feel compelled to go to school. To be sure, you should never send a child because of the trend, "he said.

It also expressed by Leriwati Sutarna, practitioners and consultants Penabur children's education foundation. According to him, there is no definite standard regarding what age children should begin to be included playgroup or kindergarten. "For children, learning activities that can be done anywhere. However, to get a formal education in schools, depending on the readiness of the child, "he said.

Furthermore, women are usually called Leri explains, if the child starts like carrying a bag and repetitive always pretending to go to school, then it could be an early indication that the child does want to start school.

"If there are indications Thus, parents can bring their children to attend the trial at the school of choice. Now many schools really provide a trial for one week and even one month. From there it can be seen whether the child is already ready to go to school or not. If not ready, which is usually marked by crying hysterically, not forced as it will only lead to trauma that can be seen when the child begins to sit in 3rd grade elementary school, "he said.

Selective Choosing Schools

Basically, the school is one means to help children grow optimal physical, cognitive and emotional. Therefore Nana hope that parents can be more selective in understanding the purpose, learning programs and the vision and mission of schools that offer services that are schooled children can really benefit positive. "Please remember, age 0-5 years is the golden age a child to learn new things. And learn not only be done in schools but also from home. The active role of parents with objects around can be a medium of learning, "said Nana. One thing is for sure, if they want to send their children at an early age, do not let the schools selected to be a scary thing for a child. Because just like adults, children can also be a lot of stress due to depressed, bored, or disappointed at the state of the self and the environment. The stress can ultimately make children become more aggressive, hyper, moody, and angry because it, choose a school that does not give a burden to the child. Because essentially, children aged 7 years and under still need to use a method of learning while playing in order to please him. Here's a summary tips from Nana and Leri to get suitable school for a child with a young age.

Understand the purpose, vision and mission of the school

Good schools are schools that educate children holistically means include cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual. Parents should be actively involved in order to understand and assess whether the learning portion according to the capacity of the age of the child's development.

Program Clear

Preschool Good also has a clear program, where most of the learning activities carried out while playing. To be sure, these programs can also make the child become an independent person and capable of finding solutions.


Faculty provided school should have a good speech and polite. Care for children and have always wanted to be a good listener.

Location and Cost

Try to choose a school that is close to home so the trip to school is not too tiring for the little guy. Do not forget, account also the costs required for the school to match the ability of each parent.

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