Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Right Time for Children to go to School

School is a place that is fun for most children, but not denied could also be a place that is most feared by children. This can happen when a child starts school at an inconvenient time. The most appropriate time to enter the school children when a child is consciously say and ask himself to his parents that he wanted to go to school. This suggests a sense of interest in the child and the child's readiness for school. Responding to the wishes of children, parents must support and not forgetting to explain what the consequences. Children should have the responsibility for school assignments.

In general, children aged 3-4 years, will trigger his own desire to go to school when he saw relatives or friends in school. But if there is no desire of children to schools, parents should not be forced and decided the child should go to school. Do not force the child to go to school does not mean parents give up and wait when the child wants to school. This kind of attitude will also cause harm to children, late start of education. Instead parents should be proactive in various ways in order to arise curiosity in the child school. For example by encouraging children to come pick up his sister at school or to invite and accompany the child to see and play with friends who have entered the school. The next stage of the selected schools also should be appropriate to the child's age. For ages 3-4 years, it is best to playgroup (school for children of early age).

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