Saturday, February 20, 2016

10 Ways about How Safe Surfing for Kids. . .

Use of the Internet by children these days is increasing, both for school work or entertainment (online games and social media). If you're a bit blind about the Internet and its development, we recommend that you immediately change. This is because the Internet also has a dark side that threatens the safety of your child. Some tips we have outlined in the following presentation regarding how safe surfing for children.

1. Watch the movement of the child online
As a parent who is not unmindful supervise their children in the real world, you do the same in cyberspace. One safe way to surf this may sound like you're being a spy, and you feel guilty because the child may not like being spied on.
You do not need to be that bad because you have to do is find out who their online friends, with whom they chat and what sites they visit.

2. Place the computer in a family room
With place your computer in a place where you usually pass by ABG is expected to prevent a child or adolescent you access inappropriate sites (pornography, etc.).

3. Communication
Your teenager will not think of you as a parent reseh and always want to know when your child affairs and he has been accustomed to discuss anything since they were children.
Indicate your interest in friends, hobbies or whatever they are doing in school, so that children know where to complain if something goes wrong.

4. Tell me about the dark side of cyberspace
If your child seems fond of social networking than other online activities, then tell me about cyber bullying and why he is responsible for the content of their social media accounts.
How Internet safety for children is further explained about the impact of pornography when they are old enough.

5. Do not talk to strangers
This suggestion is quite safe to use, both in the real world or the virtual world. If the child has been accustomed to not respond to greeting a stranger in the street, then they will also be careful when accepting friend requests in cyberspace.
However, do not be negligent to remind children to safely surf the way you applied more effectively.

6. Disable the webcam.
Do not activate the webcam is a safe way for children to surf the most simple, because you do not need a lot of talk and quite shortly'disable 'webcam settings on your computer or laptop used children.

7. Set rules surf
Tell your child's online gaming site and only allow them access, as well as how long they are allowed to access it.

To appear not authoritarian, you can talk to him to find out his opinion and to say also about the reason you apply that rule.

8. Check the site's security settings
How safe surfing for children following you can do with always check the settings or setting a number of popular sites on adult content.

9. Installing software watchdog
How to surf safely this one might be a bit complicated, especially if you're not hanging out on the development of software and computer like me.
However, do not give up. Enlist the help of a mechanic servicing a computer or laptop to install it.

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