Monday, January 4, 2016

10 Tips to Communicate With Children Needs to Know For Each Parent

Is a struggle that is not easy for us to be able to continue close to the child. Yet this is one of the keys to our success.

It must be recognized that we are coming from a different time with our children. They will never like the "Rod Stewart", until we understand and know about the "One Direction".

Before it's too late, let's try 10 tips to communicate with these children so that our relationship with the child continues harmony.

1. Take time
Always include a schedule for the activity with the child on a schedule harianParents. Allow the Small to choose the activities he likes, even if it's just watching MTV at home. This way Parents will know how in fact the character of the little one at home, what he likes and so forth.

2. Give them your full attention
We often complain that our children often ignore or do not care about our busyness. But who knows, beginning precisely from our mistakes.

Often as parents we go home already in a state of fatigue. Or though the activity in the house, but we instead choose TV or gadget as a friend of children, so that we can immediately finish the housework or take care of our business.

We are always busy, busy, and busy constantly. Until now, they need us, we always say, "Sorry Mom / Dad did not have time," or "Oh, Father / Mother was tired, boy, can we talk tomorrow".
From now on, let's provide a little more effort to pay attention and to communicate to them. Let's do this in order to maintain our close relationship and children.

3. Respect them
Appreciating the efforts of our toddler, or teenager on good behavior, will create a positive relationship. And positive relationship will of course be an effective way to communicate or talk to them.

4. Respect the wishes of children
Problem children often underestimated by parents. But be aware that the "trivial" is actually even crucial to a child would help the relationship between parents and children.

So let's, we value and respect every word, and their desires. Our appreciation to them will lead to trust and strengthen our relationship with the children.

5. Use good body language
It is advisable that parents lowered his voice and spoke more slowly to children. Moreover, seeking to speak with an equal height is recommended, for example by lowering the body or even sit. This will reduce the fear and intimidation that children may feel when talking to his parents.

6. Speak more often
Make communicate with the child as a habit. If the little one in the house was still a toddler, then talk things simple with it. Initially it may be difficult, but this habit will make the little one knows that his parents will always try to connect with him.

7. Be a Flexible
When the children are teenagers, they could have questioned our rules and tried to ask for more freedom. For that when the full freedom

8. Love them sincerely
Wise proverb says that children will never be too old to be told that our parents, love them. So, to say "I love you" on the Toddlers and show through deeds, our love to the teenages.

9. Give clear reasons
When about to scold the child, hold on emotion, especially of utterances accused. Instead, speak well to children and show that Parents are ready to explain what became of their mistake. Practice and try to communicate well even in a state full of emotion.

10. Involve children
Lastly, always involve the children in the family activities. Suppose decide where want to travel, what kind of food to be cooked today, and so forth.
This will make the children always felt close to Parents though perhaps, eventually Parents and children will be living far away or years apart.

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