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School of Early Childhood, Good For Child Development. . .?

Maybe there are 1001 reasons why parents decide to enter the toddler to preschool children. Who finished the question, should my son go to school at such a young age? Questions like these, too, that I often ask to ourselves and the people closest to her husband as "Need not, anyway, the Earth entered the group play?"

Since my son was 2 years old I already have the desire to send him to school. To be more clever sociable and independent, I think it's time. But because the intention has not been established and there are many considerations, the edges that time my son entered preschool canceled.

One day, I also had read an article that I still remember to this day. There one developmental psychologist David Elkind argues, if the parents are able to provide pre-school age children's education at home, quite competent and had the dedication, in terms of sufficient time and energy to stimulate the children in particular. Actually preschool is not important. Especially if the home environment allows children to play with peers and meet adults other than parents. However, if the condition of the opposite happened, it was a sign preschool becomes important.
If David Elkind argues like that, another with Faisal M.Ed. Education practitioners as well as the Vice Principal of International Islamic School in Kuala Lumpur, Faisal has its own views. In which he said, should children start school at the age of 3 years. Below that, you should 'school' in the house first, because the level of maturity of children to receive all the activities at the school yet. I really had to come to educational workshops held with the speaker Faisal SuperMoms M.Ed I've written in this article.

At that time, he also said, "Just wait until the child asks for the school. As he was tired of playing with his toys, and need someone else to play with. Usually, children with mothers who did not work faster asked for school. Perhaps because they are bored playing with his mother continued, "he said jokingly.

His words say if the school to the needs of children, not their parents as well as if it kept ringing in the ears. "So just wait until they ask for it," he said at the time.

Until my son was 4 years old, last November, he was never explicitly expressed his desire for the school. But, if I am fishing with saying things that comfortable if he attended school, my son was then told that going back to school, finally after considering many things, my wife and finally decided to include our son to playgroups in this school year. Thank God, it turns out he really enjoyed it.

Actually, my confidence grew sure to include our children to preschool when I was talking with Rosdiana Setyaningrum, MPsi, MHPEd. Child psychologist who is often invited as a speaker at various events this perspective reinforce my intention.

"A lot, really, benefits are obtained if put children at an early age. It is associated with an automated facility more than at home. By hanging out with friends his age, the child can learn to socialize and of course children move much. "

He also tells his personal experience when her two children also have entered preschool from the age of one year. "I see his own development is very good. If many parents are worried that their children will have school bored, actually happens is not the case. "

Women are usually called Ms. Diana explains that getting children into preschool is one tool that helps parents to provide appropriate stimulation. Where children aged under five years old are still in need of more physical activity.

"The brain of children aged under five it was perfected from their many moves. So it's not on stage demanding children can read and write. "

Physical activity in question can pass the activity of dancing, singing, or playing in gymnastics where children can jump-stepping or climbing. By doing so, it will certainly be able to provide a good stimulation for the child.

Not to mention the cognitive stimulation can be obtained child, as well as social stimulation that they can feel through interaction with teachers and peers. Besides your child will also get emotional stimulation so that he would be able to express their feelings.

"This form of stimulation will be obtained more children entering preschool than children who did not participate preschool. It also once I have proved through the research, it was the children who entered preshool in Indonesia development was better than children who do not attend preschool. "

However, women who have a Master of Health Profession Education from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia also asserts that incorporate the child into preschool, no means parents a hands-off, leaving everything to the school. Attachment to the child remains to be nurtured, so that the development of the child can be monitored.

Given the number of preschool scattered in various corners of the city, would not want it demands that we as parents to more carefully select preschool. In this regard, I also had a chance to ask him, what factors, anyway, the most important for us to consider when choosing preschool?

Here are some points which he elaborated, hopefully can help other parents when considering where good preschool for your child

Program Curriculum

The main thing to consider is to know the curriculum applied at the school. Good Preschool will offer programs that allow children to use most of their time playing. Children will be invited to work on the learning material and socialize with other children and try various activities throughout the day.

Also, make sure the selected schools will instill the values ​​that you apply to your child. Ranging from religious or ethical values. That way you can get an idea whether the preschool have the same goals as you. Usually, a good preschool also has a trial class.


Whether or not the quality of the preschool to be chosen can be seen through teaching staff. According to Diana, preschool teacher should be able to love and attention to children in detail. Teachers should also be aware if the students have different backgrounds and experiences so that they can not learn the same things in the same time and in the same way. Make sure the number of teachers with inadequate or no children. Preschool teachers and staff should also be the JV were not stingy to give any information. Either way they are partners in the education process of children.

Location and Cost

Another thing that is important is to take into account the location and cost. It would be better if the selected location is not too far apart at home. It certainly can minimize your child to feel fatigue or stress on the road due to congestion. If children go to school with conditions that are not prime because fatigue can cause this is certainly difficult child concentration. Such conditions can also create conditions tend to be negative emotions.

As for the cost must still consider the financial condition of the family. If the cost is only burdensome, this is certainly not good. The huge costs by offering tempting facilities, anyway, does not promise a quality curriculum program.

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