Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Benefits Of Green School

School embodies the interactive world conditions on a small scale. However school should remain an important part in the governance of a healthy natural environment. One is the effort that the school still looks shady, green, comfortable and healthy. For that we will share how to stay healthy schools program "Green School".

School greening useful to have a positive impact, protection of flora and fauna, water and soil erosion control, climate amelioration, minimize the reflection of sunlight, soil erosion control, reducing runoff, soil binding. Construction of vegetation may regulate water balance by way of interception, infiltration, evaporation and transpiration. Thus greening the school environment as an element of "forest school" needs to be improved conceptually includes planning, implementation and maintenance by considering the aesthetic aspects, environmental preservation and functional. Implementation should be in accordance with the planning as well as maintenance must be carried out continuously.

Some of the benefits of greening:

  1. As the lungs school. Plant as a green element, the growth produces acid substances (O2) that is necessary for living things for breathing;
  2. As the regulatory environment (micro), the vegetation will cause local environmental air becomes cool, comfortable and fresh;
  3. The creator of environmental (ecological);
  4. Natural Balance (adaphis) the establishment of places of natural life for the animals that live in the surrounding areas;
  5. Protection (protective), the physical condition of the natural surroundings (strong wind, sun, gas or dust);
  6. Beauty (aesthetics);
  7. Health (hygiene);
  8.  Recreation and education (educational).
In addition to those already noted above, the results of the greening of schools can also be used as a means of learning outside the classroom. For example, as a "laboratory" schools, especially in teaching biology subjects. Due to the results of the greening of schools there are a wide variety of plant species both perennials and ornamental and medicinal plants.

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