Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Benefits of Greening For Human Environment (Part 1)

Global warming is no longer an environmental issue but a real fact that the environmental problem is happening. Global warming causes the cycle to be difficult to predict the change of seasons. Real facts of global warming was marked by drought which caused droughts and heavy rainfall causing flooding.

Real action that can prevent the deterioration of environmental conditions due to global warming is to preserve and maintain the natural environment today. Various environmental maintenance concept established by international organizations and communities in the country. Real action to do is greening the environment, within the scope of the macro and micro.

In macro scale, such as afforestation undertaken extensive mapping of forest conservation and protection of forest conservation consistency in the region / county and state. For micro-scale that the scope for urban greening. Environmental problems such as deteriorating urban air quality and water supply problems caused by the deteriorating condition of water catchment areas.

Water catchment areas should be a green zone has now changed into the area awakened. The vast amount of changes in catchment land being woken warming centralized city called "Urban Heat Island". This centralized heating increases the temperature of the heat in the city, so the use of air conditioners in buildings is increasing.

Greening of urban land is real action to save the environmental conditions continue to deteriorate. Through reforestation, environmental problems such as flooding, water shortages, and the frequency of the environmental impacts of air pollution on the wane. Greening one easy way to save the environment. Maintaining a green zone with greening / green movement will improve the quality of the environment and living creatures. The following can be seen 25 benefits for the environment and human greening:

1. Greening To Prevent Flooding

Greening can restore the function of water catchment areas in the city. Water catchment areas can include football fields, city parks and urban forests. Maintaining the water catchment area is a real action greening movement. The benefits of reforestation in the region is to reduce the discharge or runoff water during the rainy season due to seep into the soil easily. This effort is a way to prevent urban flooding due to a reduction in the amount of water catchment areas.

2. Maintaining the quality of groundwater

The more green zones in the city, the quality of ground water, the better. Greening is very important to maintain green zones in the city. Imbalance proportion of land area green and woke zones will damage the quality of ground water. Waste seep into the ground will damage the quality of ground water so the impact on health if the water is back on consumption.

3. Protecting wildlife / edhapis

Green environments such as urban forest habitats for wildlife such as rare birds in the city. Greening of the urban forest will save the population of endangered species that play a role in the ecological system environment.

4. Reduce air pollution

Greening the road corridor also serves to reduce pollutants in the air is wasted. Tree canopy serves to cleanse the solid particles such as lead and will stick to the branches and tree trunks.

5. Reduce the Impact of Acid Rain

Pollution from vehicles and factories adversely affect air quality. To reduce waste pollution released into the air, trees are needed to absorb the CO2 that has been mixed with the sulfur. The trees will reduce the impact of the discharge of pollutants so that the air they breathe is cleaner.

6. Climate Control

Plants can create a better life for people, especially in areas of tropical and subtropical climates. In the temperate regions, the leaves will fall so that sunlight can illuminate the building. In the tropical areas, leafy trees serves to reduce the effects of direct sunlight.

7. Reduce dust particles

Trees also serve to reduce levels of dust particles. According to the observations Bianpoem (1997) trees with an area of ​​300 × 400 m2 can reduce levels of dust particles than 7,000 particles / liter to 4,000 particles / liter.

8. Prevent the Glasshouse Effect

In addition to reducing particle dust, trees also reduce the glasshouse effect. The glasshouse effect is the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere is causing the atmosphere perforated, but the tree can be prevented because the forest can change 3.7 tonnes of CO2 into 2 tons of O2.

9. Reinforce the direction of the road

Greening in city road corridor serves to clarify the direction of the road, especially areas that crowded many buildings. The existence of useful trees for the rider as a marker direction to reach the destination.

10. Economic Benefits (Office Building)

Reforestation by planting trees around the office building will cost of air conditioning in the building. AC maintenance operating costs will be costly, than the maintenance of shade trees.

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