Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Practical ways Embedding Concept Green School

Green School Environment.
Realize the concept of the environment to go green community must begin with personal awareness so that the process can be sustained for the long term. Therefore, the application of green lifestyle awareness should be applied as early as possible. One effective way to do that is through education in schools, where most children spent their day to interac with the environment in addition to the house.

In the application of this green concept, the important thing is the sense of involvement to be applied against any child-related activities as well as knowledge of the benefits of applying the concept of green living.

Here are some ways you can do to instill environmental awareness with the go green concept:

  • Make the waste places that are separated between organic and non-organic. In addition, non-organic waste can be separated again into plastic, paper, porcelain and metal. This is done while promoting the importance of grouping bins in the recycling process.
  • Spend at least a few hours a week to invite students of gardening and planting a variety of crops such as flowers, herbs or a simple mosquito repellent plants. Do not forget to make a turn to take care of the garden and cultivate awareness of the benefits of reforestation.
  • Slipped environmentally conscious programs in learning and extracurricular activities, for example by slipping a composting project in science lessons or recycling of waste paper derived from teaching and learning activities. The results can be used to buy something for the sake of pupils or school.
  • If there is a craft lesson, ask students to create something from recycled materials such as old newspapers, old magazines, old plastic cups and so on. Do not forget to explain why it is better to use second-hand goods if possible.

Instilling environmental awareness of the importance of having to go green concept should be done gradually and consistently. However, if starting from such an early stage in the school environment, awareness of the concept would be more easily embedded and be remembered by someone until he is an adult.

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