Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Benefits Of Greening For Human Enviroment (Part 2)

Global warming is no longer an environmental issue but a real fact that the environmental problem is happening. Global warming causes the cycle to be difficult to predict the change of seasons. Real facts of global warming was marked by drought which caused droughts and heavy rainfall causing flooding.

Real action that can prevent the deterioration of environmental conditions due to global warming is to preserve and maintain the natural environment today. Various environmental maintenance concept established by international organizations and communities in the country. Real action to do is greening the environment, within the scope of the macro and micro.

In macro scale, such as afforestation undertaken extensive mapping of forest conservation and protection of forest conservation consistency in the region / county and state. For micro-scale that the scope for urban greening. Environmental problems such as deteriorating urban air quality and water supply problems caused by the deteriorating condition of water catchment areas.

Water catchment areas should be a green zone has now changed into the area awakened. The vast amount of changes in catchment land being woken warming centralized city called "Urban Heat Island". This centralized heating increases the temperature of the heat in the city, so the use of air conditioners in buildings is increasing.

Greening of urban land is real action to save the environmental conditions continue to deteriorate. Through reforestation, environmental problems such as flooding, water shortages, and the frequency of the environmental impacts of air pollution on the wane. Greening one easy way to save the environment. Maintaining a green zone with greening / green movement will improve the quality of the environment and living creatures. The following can be seen 25 benefits for the environment and human greening:

11. Protect Pedestrian and Cyclists

Pedestrians would be happy to get around town by bicycle or walking along the street when there are shade trees. In addition to the board appointed for track cyclists, providing green zone serves to reduce the number of motorists on the highway.

12. Natural Fertilizer Supply

Leaves are falling on the road or in the soil can be recycled into compost for other plants and of course free of chemicals. The leaves that fall to the ground enough left to rot and with the soil, this way more natural than burning trash tree.

13. Gardening in Your Own Home

Greening can also be performed in a narrow area or even in homes that do not have vacant land. Greening at home without the land can be done in the wall of the house or the balcony of the house. Plants are chosen for example vegetable or herbal remedies that do not require the planting medium is too big.

14. Control Landscape

Trees can disguise the shape of the building seemed stiff and do not have aesthetic value. The building that has trees would look more humane and healthy eyes.

15. Breaking Wind

The trees on the green line functions to break down wind for air circulation are spread evenly in one area. Trees also protect the building construction from the brunt of strong winds in the rainy season.

16. Prevention of Erosion

Tree root fibers serves to prevent erosion that causes landslides, it is what makes the benefits of forests is essential for life. The roots of the trees will protect the soil so as not fragile, especially in the rainy season.

17. Interior Walls

Greening can now be done anywhere by using any medium, especially the walls. Green Wall, also serves to soundproof and recovery of patients either in hospital or treated at home. Green landscape on the walls give the impression of shade for anyone, it is good for health.

18. Environmental Education in Schools

Classroom space can also be used as a medium greening, such as the arrangement of classrooms that put furniture for pot plants. This kind of atmosphere will add to the impression of calm in the classroom because the air is fresh and the students benefit from this reforestation.

19. Improving Image Zone

Landscape greening will improve the image of the region because of the resulting visualization is a beautiful sight. Image of green areas is better than dense areas that do not have a green zone in it. Green landscape is very important to improve the image of the region, from the slum into a beautiful, arid region into the shade.

20. Interconnection region

The green line on the pedestrian can be attributed to a variety of other green lines in different regions. Greening also serves to connect the pedestrian routes and public zones that exist in the city.

21. Means Learning

City park can be an educational tool for students of elementary school students. The city park or forest city into a laboratory for school children to learn about plants and the ways to preserve the environment.

22. Public Space Children

Greenery in the city park beneficial for child development, as it is closer to nature and training in environmental sensitivity. Bring the kids to the park much more useful than carrying children playing in the mall.

23. Maintain Springs

Trees for the indigenous tribe Kajang very big role in maintaining the quality of the springs in the area of ​​customs. Trees store the bag of water in the soil which bermanfaar for quality springs. Greening around rivers and water springs useful for quality springs in the region.

24. Competitiveness of Cities

Cities beautiful and has many green zones, green line can be a part of the increase in local tourism. Singapore managed to advance the tourism industry thanks to the Singapore government's commitment to greening movement in various corners of the city of Singapore. This situation led to the number of tourists Singapore is always higher than Indonesia, although Indonesia has a beautiful natural scenery.

25. Green As Esthetic Zone

Structuring the landscape in the area and the green zone will add to the artistic impression is no less interesting with entertainment in the building. Greenery in the city park will beautify the area and visual form.

Well this is a very comprehensive greening benefits to our understanding together, without the greening of the earth will feel barren and threaten human safety.

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