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World Scouting history


If we study the history of our scouting education can not be separated from the biography of the founder of the world scouting movement Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell.

This is due to the underlying his experience coaching youth in Britain. Teen coaching is then grow into the scouting movement.

Birth of the World Scout Movement began in 1907 when Robert Baden - Powell, a Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, and William Alexander Smith, founder of the Boy's Brigade, held the first Scouting encampment at Brownsea Island, England. The idea to hold the movement arises when Baden-Powell and his men struggled to defend Mafeking Town, South Africa, from the Boer army attacks.
When the troops lost big in comparison Boer army. To outsmart, a group of youths formed and trained to be a volunteer army.

Their main task is to help the military defend the city. They get lighter tasks but important; for example, deliver the message given Baden-Powell to all members of the military in the city. They can finish the job so well that Baden-Powell troops can defend Mafeking city for several months. In recognition of the success they get, every member of the volunteer army was given a badge. Pictures of the badge is then used as the logo of the International Scout Movement.

The success of Baden-Powell defend Mafeking City makes it considered to be a hero. He later wrote a book entitled Aids to Scouting (written in 1899), and became the best-selling book at the time.

In 1906, Ernest Thompson Seton send Baden-Powell a book of his work entitled The birchbark Roll of the Woodcraft Indians. Seton, a British-Canadian descent living in the United States, often meeting with Baden-Powell and plan of a youth movement. His meeting with the Seton encouraged him to rewrite his book, Aids to Scouting, with the new version, entitled Boy's Patrols.

The book is intended as a guide for the youth scouting at the time. Then, to test his ideas, he held a camp for 21 young people from various walks of life for a full week, starting on August 1, on Brownsea island, England. Organization methods (now known as the system of patrol or patrol system in English) to be a key scouting training does. This system requires the youth to form small groups, then appoint one of them to be chairman of the group. After the book was published and the campsite does run successfully.

Baden-Powell went for a tour planned by Arthur Pearson to promote his ideas to the rest of the UK. From these thoughts, made a book called Scouting Boys, which is currently known as the guidebook Scouting (Boy Scout Handbook) first edition.

When Baden-Powell was expecting her book can provide new ideas for several organizations of youth who have been there. But that happens, some youths even formed a new organization and asked Baden-Powell became their mentor. He agreed and began to encourage them to learn and practice and develop the organization they founded. Along with the increasing number of members, Baden-Powell increasingly difficult to guide them; He needs an assistant to help him. Therefore, he plans to establish a leadership training center for adults (Adult Leadership Training Center).

In 1919, a park near London was purchased as a training location. He also wrote a new book called Aids to Scoutmastership and several other books which he then collected and put together in a book entitled Roverinng to Success for Rover Scouts in the Scout Movement 1922.Perkembangan shortly after the book Scouting For Boys published, Scouting began to be known in the whole Britain and Ireland. Own movement, slowly but surely, started to try and apply to all the British empire and its colonies .Unit scouting outside the British empire first recognized, established in Gilbraltar in 1908, which was followed by the establishment of another unit in Malta. Canada was the first British colony to get permission from the British empire to establish the Scout Movement, followed by Australia, New Zealand, and Africa Selatan.Chile is the first country outside the United Kingdom and colonies were formed Scout Movement.

The first Scout parade was held in Crystal Palace, London in 1910. The parade is of interest to people in the UK. No less than 10,000 young men and women interested in joining the scouting activities. In 1910 Argentina, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States has recorded Scouting organization.

Since its establishment, the Scout Movement program focusing on adolescents aged 11-18 years had received an encouraging response, members increased rapidly. Any program needs by itself increases. To fulfill the wishes and interests of the younger generation at that time, Scout adds four programs within the organization to widen the scope of the membership of the Scout Movement. The fourth program include: Education Youths early age, Age Teen, Daughter Scouting education, and leadership training for coaches Program for idle class, Work Force unit, and enforcement / Pandega began compiled at the end of 1910 in several countries.

Sometimes, these activities only started activities at the local / branch that is managed on a small scale, then acclaimed and adopted by the National Kwartir. A similar case occurred in the establishment of the standby group in the United States, where the standby group program was started in 1911 at the Branch level, but has yet to gain recognition until 1930 since the initial establishment of the Scout Movement, the young women have signaled their interest in joining magnitude.

To accommodate these interests, Agnes Baden Powel- brother of the father of scouting worldwide, Robert Baden Powell, in 1910 was appointed President Organiasi Scout's first daughter. Agnes was originally named Rosebud organization, which later changed into Brownies (Girl Guide) in 1914 .Agnes resign from the presidency in 1917 and was replaced by Olave Baden Powell, wife of Lord Baden Powell. Agnes still served as vice president until he died at age 86 tahun.pada that time, scouting daughter has been positioned as a separate unit of scouting him, it should be done considering the current social norms are.

In the era of the 90s, Many scouting organizations in the world working together between the unit sons and daughters to provide early education for education kepanduan.Program builder held in London in 1910, and in Yorkshire in 1911. However, Baden Powell wants the education can be practiced as much as possible. This means that in every field of education necessary practices such as camping. It is guiding the formation Woodbadge courses. As a result of World War 1, woodbadge education for supervisors delayed until 1919. In that year, the first course was held at Gilwell Park woodbadge. At this time, the education of coaches has been diverse and has a wide coverage.
Some education is very well known for the builder, among others
a. Basic education, specific education group, until courses
b. Woodbadge
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