Friday, June 5, 2015

The Characteristics of Teachers Who Favored Students

Teachers are as a primary source for all student teachers ' behaviour of processed and processed also has a major effect on the mental development of the child when teachers are not good teachers conduct that would damage its image as a teacher. So therefore if there are students who behave her teacher who does not give a good example to the participants his protégé.

The teacher is the main source for the student and is also the hope for both the parents of the student, because unless the parents teachers very plays an active role in the process of a child's success in the process of teaching and learning, teachers should always give the best motivation for their students. Being a teacher is not easy either yaang this is one who must be convinced in the person of a teacher because in practice a day – day one who became a disciple of examples in this the teacher should always give the right example to his protégé both in and outside the school environment of the school environment.

The best teachers are those who are not automatically "stop teaching" when they hold a side addition to test preparation student achievement (Tps/Sat), and teachers carry out the work seriously and know that students don't get good grades on exams but the sense of achievement by mastering the subject matter and they are willing to work with the students to achieve a sense of doing it. In this teacher is a major key in the success of the student.

All teachers should be good in the eyes of his students. Like Marie f. Hassett argued that when talking about the quality of the teaching of a teacher, the focus with regard to the issues of content and engineering achievement, but a lot of people who know that teachers have a tremendous knowledge

Good teachers are characterized as follows. 
  • Has awareness and purpose
  • Having hope and success for all students 
  • Tolerate ambiguity 
  • Continuing willingness to adapt and change to meet the needs of students
  • Feel uncomfortable if less knowing 
  • Reflects the commitment on the They job 
  • Learn from a wide variety of capital
All teachers must be either a teacher in the eyes of their students because they are the primary motivation for the students. When teachers behave badly then protégé was difficult to set up and behavior towards others will be influential.

So wanted was for a teacher in educating pupils must really, really educating the students in order to be useful as well as the achievement of children in the community.

And as for yourself a good teacher can take an example of understanding and respect for students means that teaching is a process of humanity. Students as human beings who should be treated as human beings are also not as empty cans or as lesser beings than himself. Students are entitled to the full on treatment respectful of their teachers will eventually grow into adults who respect and respect for others.


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