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History Of Scouting In Indonesia

History of Scouting in Indonesia could not be released with the history of the independence struggle of the nation of Indonesia. The idea of forming the Baden Powell Scouting quickly spread to various countries, including the Netherlands. In the country of Netherlands Scouting referred to as Padvinder. In the country of its possessions, including Indonesia, Netherlands founded the Scouting organization. In Indonesia, known by the term NIPV (Netherland Padvinder Indische Vereniging; Union Pandu Pandu-Netherlands). This organization is devoted to children Netherlands.

By figures Indonesian national movement formed scouting organization that aims to establish a good Indonesian man and became a national movement cadres. Hence then appears the indigenous scouting organizations which at that time amounted to more than a hundred organizations. The organizations such as; JPO (Javananse Padvinders Organizatie); JPP (Jong Java Padvinderij), SIAP (Sarekat Islam Afdeling Padvinderij); HW (Hisbul Wathon) etc.

History continues. Seeing the rise of indigenous-owned scouting organizations that have sprung up, the Dutch finally make regulations to prohibit the scouting organization outside the Netherlands belongs to use the term Padvinder. Because it was then KH. Agus Salim use the term "Scout" and the "Scouts".

Since 1930 raised awareness of Indonesian figures to unite the scouting organization. Then formed KBI (scouting Republic of Indonesia). KBI is a combination of scouting organizations such as IPO, PK (Pandu Empire), PPS (Pandu Youth Sumatra).

And in 1931 formed PAPI (Unity Inter-Pandu Pandu Indonesia), and then converted into BPPKI (Central Bureau of Scout Association of Indonesia) in 1938.

At the time of the Japanese occupation, scouting in Indonesia banned so many Scout leaders who entered Keibondan, Seinendan and PETA.

After independence formed a national scouting organization that Pandu Rakyat Indonesia, which was declared in Solo on December 28, 1945. Pandu Rakyat Indonesia became the only scouting organization in Indonesia at that time.

However, during leberalisme, re-emerging as scouting organizations; HW, SIAP, Pandu Indonesia, Christian Pandu, Pandu Ansor, KBI etc which amounted to hundreds more. Most of these organizations are gathered in the three federations, namely; IPINDO (Indonesian Scout Association, established on September 13, 1951), POPPINDO (Association of Indonesian Girl Scout Organization, established in 1954) and PKPI (Persatuan Kepanduan Putri Indonesia).

In 1953 IPINDO become successful members of scouting worldwide. On 10-20 August 1955 IPINDO also successfully organized the first National Jamboree in Pasar Minggu, Jakarta. While POPPINDO and PKPI been together welcome haven Lady Baden Powell (Baden Powell's wife) to Indonesia, on the way to Australia. In 1959, PKPI held a large camp for scouts daughter called "Clover Village" in Ciputat. This year also IPINDO send a contingent to the World Jamboree in MT. Makiling Philippines.

Aware of the weaknesses that exist, three federations were eventually merged into PERKINDO (Scout Association of Indonesia). But apparently Perkindo own less solid so try exploited by the communists in order to become the Young Pioneers movement as in other communist countries.

Beginning in the 1960s, various parties, including the government and the Assembly made various efforts to curb scouting organizations including efforts to establish the Scout Movement.

On Thursday evening of March 9, 1961 President collect figures and leaders of Indonesia scouting movement, held at the State Palace. President revealed that the existing scouting must be renewed, methods and educational activities to be replaced, the entire existing scouting organizations merged into one called Scout.

The President also pointed Scout Movement Formation Committee consisting of the lane IX, P and K Minister Prof. Prijono, Minister of Agriculture Dr.A. Aziz Saleh and the Minister of Transmigration, Cooperatives and Rural Community Development, Achmadi. This event is later referred to as the SCOUT MOVEMENT DAY SHOOTS.

The committee is then manages the Articles of Association of the Scout Movement, as Attachment Presidential Decree No. 238 of 1961, dated May 20, 1961 of the Scout Movement. Presidential Decree establishes the Scout Movement as the only organization that is assigned scouting scouting education for children and young people of Indonesia. These events are then referred to as THE BEGINNING OF WORK.

Presidential Decree No. 238 of 1961 is signed by the Prime Minister Ir. Juanda as Acting President As President, Ir. Sukarno when it was a visit to Japan.

On July 30, 1961, held at Senayan (Now Bung Karno Stadium), figures scouting organization in Indonesia which states willingly merged into the organization of the Scout Movement. This event is later referred to as the DAY PLEDGE SCOUT MOVEMENT.

On August 14, 1961, carried Inaugural Mapinas (National Leadership Council), Kwarnas and Kwarnari at the State Palace, followed conferment pennant procession Scouting and Scouting to introduce Scouting to the community, followed by about 10,000 Scouts. This event is later referred to as the SCOUT DAY is celebrated until now.

Mapinas was chaired by Dr. Ir. Soekarno (President) with Deputy Chairman of I, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Vice Chairman Brigadier General II Dr.A. Aziz Saleh. While Kwarnas, chaired by the lane IX and Brigadier General Dr.A. Aziz Saleh as Vice Chairman concurrently Chairman Kwarnari.

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