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Scouting, Lithuania, Jews, Herzl, Lions, and Boden Powell

In 1908, Robert Baden-Powell, army officer, United Kingdom, published the book "Scouting for Boys". The book was published are so massive, and used as a guide for the Organization of the scouting movement in many countries, in accordance with a system of "Scouting" itself.

In Lithuania, just after the establishment of the State, a scouting group was formed under the auspices of the Government. The aim of Scouting in this country is to equip youths with a strong character, virtues, love of nature and to educate them as good citizens. At this time, Jewish children joined the Scout movement Lithuania, initially together with all their members, but later on they were in separate forces.

The Scout Movement "Hashomer Hatzair" was founded in Virbalen by the Director of the Jewish Gymnasium, Dr. Yakov Rabinson. He was one of the leaders of the Jewish settlement in Lithuania. At the same time, in the early twenties, scout troops were formed in Kaunas and extra Ponivich, and then in almost every city and settlement in Lithuania. Hebrew translation of the book "Scout" by Baden-Powell is used as an educational guide to the Hebrew army.

Also at Yurburg an organization founded Girl Scouts in the early twenties. During these days, one can see two young men, dressed in uniform khaki green Scouting, a whistle around his neck and a stick in their hands, walking through the streets of Yurburg. These kids amazed everyone who saw it because the dress is very unusual for that era. 

The second young man Menachem Pochrat and Dov Minzer. Menachem Pochrat, the elder, is a slender-bodied, serious, and seen as a thinker. Dov Minzer is the son of a very charming, a student from the Hebrew Gymnasium at Yurburg. Both are accompanied by other young kids, who also wear uniforms.

Scouts. Their appearance seemed strange, yet today it is referred to as the beginning of a change for the younger generation at Yurburg. 

In course of time, an apartment in the northern part of the city for rent. This hostel is located in a one-storey building, and consists of two rooms. 

The atmosphere in the dorm are supposedly very fun and very pastoral. Singing voices will always be heard. Dorm rooms are decorated and in the Center there is a big picture Baden Powell, Herzl, Trumpeldor. The dorm was usually quiet, clean and orderly. 

The Scouts at the headquarters is divided into three groups: the "Lions", the teenage Scouts and Girl Scouts.

"Lions" is a group for children aged 9-12. The name "Lions" refers to the "Judea as the son of the lion"--the name of with a nationalist meaning. A non-Jewish group called "little Wolf". Just like with mentions that there are at Hogwarts written JK Rowling in the Harry Potter series. 

In "Lions" group of children are not separated from the girls, they operate as a group and do all the events together. They learn to recognize the plants, birds and animals of the forest. When the "Lions" are in the camp, they taught a variety of techniques Scouts such as walking, climbing trees and made a bonfire. They also learn how to use a compass, look at the stars and the moon to find their way.

The leaders of the "Lions" teaching them to dress properly, be clean, polite and obedient. To expand their knowledge, "Lions" was informed of Eretz Yisrael in biblical times, about the historical heroes and heroes in a new country, such as a bomb, the guards, pioneer etc. 

After going through all that, "the Lions" will be the group with the term "Habirim" as a member of the clan of Hebrews wandered in the desert wilderness and conquering Eretz Yisrael. Israel is the land of ERETZ Yisrael. And it exists on the Earth.

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