Friday, April 25, 2014

Funcion Of Teacher

The function of the teacher and their meaning in today's shrinking where teachers are those who teach in schools. Those who are in an institution or training courses are not called by the teacher but a tutor or coach. Though both are still acting like a teacher who teaches new things on the pupil. 

Teacher merit so great in helping the growth and development of students. Teachers have a role and a very important function to shape the child's personality in order to prepare and develop human resources. There are some functions of the teacher, the first is as an educator.

Teachers as educators where teachers become role models and identification for the students and the environment. For that, a teacher must have a certain quality standard that include responsibility, self-discipline and authority. Functions other than teachers as tutors and mentors are influenced by various factors such as motivation, student relationships with teachers, verbal skills, a sense of security as well as the teacher's ability to communicate.

Teachers also serves as a mentor and in this case concerning the physical and mental well protégé. Teachers are leaders in which teachers are expected to have a personality and knowledge to lead their students. Other functions that served as the manager of teacher learning. Here, besides the teacher must master a variety of teaching methods, teachers should always increase the knowledge and skills that are not outdated.

The function of the other is a teacher as a model and example. Teachers as role models and personal course what the teacher will always get the spotlight students and people in their environment. Teacher behavior will affect students, but students must have the courage to develop his own personality.

Teachers also serves as a driver of creativity. Creativity is very important in the learning process. Here teachers are required to demonstrate and show the process of creativity. A creativity can be seen from the activity to create something that did not previously exist and was not done by someone else or a tendency to create something new. As a result of the teacher's function then the teacher will always strive to find better ways to serve the students so that the students get creative.

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