Friday, April 25, 2014

Ethics of a Teacher

In the Indonesian teacher ethics written clearly that teachers guide students to make them fully human Pancasila minded. Ethics for teachers is the student participants, the work and the workplace. The Ethics must be owned by a teacher to create a good learning process.

Teachers should set a good example for his students. Exemplary embodiment of a teacher is the realization of learning activities and instill an attitude of confidence to the students. Teachers who look good and polite will affect student attitudes and vice versa. Also in an example to the students, the teacher should be an example of how to be objective and open to criticism and respect the opinions of others. 

Teachers should be able to influence and control his . Personal behavior and the teacher will be a powerful part to change student behavior. Teachers should appreciate the potential that exists in the diversity of students . A teacher in the education should not only prioritize science or intellectual development , but also should pay attention to the personal development of their students either physical or spiritual development .

Ethics is a professional teacher next to the job. As a teacher is a noble job. Teachers should serve society in the field of professional education . In order to provide a satisfactory service to the public then the teacher should be able to adjust the ability and knowledge to the wishes and demands of society .

The next is the professional workplace. A good atmosphere in the workplace can increase productivity . That teacher performance can not be optimal due to the working environment does not guarantee the fulfillment of the duties and obligations of teachers optimally .

Contextual learning approach can be thought of for teachers to be more creative . Learning strategies that help teachers to link with the subject matter will encourage students to associate the situation existing knowledge with its application in everyday life . Professional attitude of teachers in the workplace is to create a harmonious relationship in the workplace and the environment . Ethics teachers are needed in order to improve the quality of national education .

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