Friday, April 25, 2014

4 Competencies that should be possessed by Professional Teachers

Teachers are one of the important elements that must exist after the students. If a teacher does not have a professional attitude in students so that students would be difficult to grow and develop properly. This is because the teacher is one of the cornerstone for the country in terms of education. With the professional and qualified teachers will be able to print the quality of the nation as well. The key that must be possessed by every teacher is competence. Competence is a set of knowledge and teaching skills of teachers in carrying out his professional duties as a teacher so that the purpose of education can be achieved with either.

Meanwhile, competency standards contained in the regulations of the Minister of National Education regarding standards of academic qualifications and competence of teachers in which the regulation states that professional teachers should have 4 professional competence of teachers that pedagogical competence and personal competence, 

Professional and social competence. 4 professional competence of the teacher must be owned by a teacher through professional education for one year. 

Here is the explanation 4 professional competence of teachers:
1. Competence Pedagogy
his competency concerns the ability of a teacher to understand the characteristics or capabilities of students through a variety of ways. The main way is by understanding the cognitive development of students through student, designed the study and implementation of learning and development evaluation of student learning outcomes at the same time. 

2. Competence Personality 

This personal competence is one of personal ability to be possessed by professional teachers in a manner that reflects the personality of both yourself, be prudent and wise, be mature and dignified and noble character has to be a good role model.

3. Competence Professional 

Professional competence is one of the elements that must be owned by a teacher that is by mastering the learning material is broad and deep. 

4. The Social Competence 

Social competence is one of the competencies that should be possessed by an educator through the proper way to communicate with students and the entire teaching force or also with the parents / guardians of students and the surrounding community.

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