Wednesday, May 9, 2012

National Education Day, Seasonal Momentum

May 2 each year is celebrated as National Education Day. Why was this date chosen, because that date is the date of birth of Raden Mas Soewardi Soerjaningrat, which since 1922 using the name of Ki Hajar Dewantara, the father of education in Indonesia. Why is he to be given the title of national hero? That's because he fought for giving an opportunity for the community to share in the joy of education in ancient times was reserved only for children priyayis or nobility.

Each year, the country has been free of colonial rule, always struggling with the problem of education. It is said that the year 2012, Indonesia Education Day was celebrated under the theme "Rise of the Golden Generation". From year to year there is always a program or plan that the government's aim to advance education in Indonesia. But in fact, ranked Indonesia in terms of education, continues to decline. Something is wrong in a government program that should improve, why even go down in the eyes of the world?

Many opinions say, the progress of a nation depends on education. In Indonesia, it is commonplace to say everything costs money. Officials felt still less rich riches, but that's what they are supposed to fight for people's welfare. However, it is easier to see ugliness than the performance shown by the government. More state funds allocated to pay the debt, so that funds for education, less a priority.
Not long ago, just elementary school students through high school to the National Examination, which is a program that fails to be maintained. I say why the UN as a failure, because the government provides a national standard for passing grade. Whether national standards of education also? Are students in Papua have got nutrition and quality of teachers is the same as students in big cities like Jakarta? If the supporting factors of education has not been evenly distributed, mean values ​​can not be flattened graduation standards.

Compare with Finland, which became the center of world attention thanks to the success of its education system. In terms of education, the Government full support in terms of budget funds. However, the right to determine curriculum and teaching how to remain in the hands of teachers who teach. It is clear, how the government knew the quality of a school if the government gets only the data written? Meanwhile, school teachers spend almost all his time to his students. In Finland, too, the teacher is a highly regarded profession even though the salary is considered mediocre. 

The difference with Indonesia, to become a teacher in Finland, should be entered as 10 graduates of the best S2. Exam system is also different. Students have full rights to perform the test, when he feels ready, then that test will be performed. If a child does not succeed in the exams, teachers who are considered less successful in educating, not the child who should be blamed for being stupid. In Indonesia, a student loaded with weights. Starting from the heavy burden of lessons, homework, and even tutoring outside of school that often prioritize the factors "a profit" in its implementation.  

There have been many socially minded they provide free schooling for those who are less fortunate, whether the government has not terketuk? Imagine, how can you learn to concentrate when your heart alarmed if the walls could collapse instantly school or have to hazard for the school. Even sometimes there are cases where a teacher does not act like an educator. So, do you become a teacher, but become educators. There are different meanings of 'patronizing' to 'educate'. The success of Indonesia's education could not be separated from the role of government should be more proactive in the implementation of quality education. Do not make the moment of the National Education Day as a time to arouse the spirit of perhaps two months has been forgotten. Remember Ki Hajar Dewantara who never tired of championing education for minorities
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