Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stimulate the intelligence of children from an early

Does every child is intelligence? that questions often arise from the mind of every parent who wants his son to have the intelligence to be successful future ahead. Probably true that not every child is smart, then what about the children who are not smart? whether the bleak future? or just the opposite? Intelligence of a child is often associated with traits: love reading, school smart, always rank 1 and a high IQ. Yet according to child psychologist Kak Seto, a measure of intelligence is not really as mentioned above, that this characteristic is one measure of true intelligence. But is not the only measure of intelligence.

Intelligence of a child should be measured by how optimal child can develop his best. There are children who are gifted in music, kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal relationships, and emotional and spiritual intelligence. And all that is considered an intelligence anyway. In history, many successful people just emerged from among those who are considered less intelligent, for example, call the Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates as an example of successful people in their field, but judging from the background belakangngnya comes precisely from among those who considered intelligent and tend to be bleak future. But because of persistence in the areas of interest to cultivate brings proven success in life.

Behold the child's success in optimizing the talents and interests that will lead to success cultivated the days ahead. Here, the role of parents and teachers of the school environment have an important role. Parents who interact more with children urgently need to find or capture interest, excitement and talent of a child in a particular field, then it is immediately communicated to the teachers the school environment. While the school as a formal institution, a place where children practice socializing, interacting and self-actualization should be able to know the child's interests and talents are different. This knowledge is important for teachers in schools so that children do not experience the pressures of not getting the optimal distribution in the areas of interest.
In essence, stimulate the intellect from an early age is crucial as a starting point for a successful future ahead of education.

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