Friday, May 25, 2012

Teaching Style Variations

Personal form of fun student teachers in the learning process is not easy. Professionalism of teachers in the classroom teaching is still much to be said there are less capable. Such a thing could happen due to one of them is in dealing with student or class, the teacher can not control it. When broken down again turns in teaching the teachers variations in teaching is still low, monotonous style of teaching is done. Thus do not be surprised if students are not enthusiastic about taking lessons.Among the variations are minimal it is the variation in teaching, the variation in student and teacher interaction patterns in a variety of media and learning tools. While the variation in teaching include:v Soundv Emphasis (focusing)Is the way the teacher to focusv Provision of time (pausing) A play for attarct the attention of the students with pauses. Contact view An eye on the students in average teacher to give the impression of a sympathetic and friendly, as if the pupils to talk to.v Expression countenance. This expression can also be called a teacher with a facial expression, can know the state teachers and students whether serious or not. This expression such as smiling, raising eyebrows and so on in this way what was delivered orally was more effective. Movement of limbs (gesturing)Variations associated with the teaching of a teacher is usually strongly associated with the style of character. Teaching style that has a style that made sense at the time of teachers teaching in the classroom. In this case also include fast or slow steps carried out in the street through lessons or in other words more or less materials given by teachers on teaching time. 

However, to do a variation of this teaching should be based on principles of teaching are:v To use a variation of skills should be all kinds of variations are used. In addition there should be a variation of the use of components for each type of variation in all of them to achieve learning objectives.v Using a smooth and continuous variation so that the moment the whole learning process is not broken, the attention of students and not interrupt .using process variation component must be fully structured and planned by the teacher. Because it requires the use of a flexible fit with less spontaneous feedback received by students. Usually the feedback form is:• The feedback concerning the behavior of the student's attention and order.• Feedback information about knowledge and learning.Conducted variations of the students taught by teachers without a purpose or activity is not the purpose. The objective of teaching variations are:v Develop and maintain attention to the relevance of learning Tools for students. Provide opportunities for the proper functioning of the possibility of motivation. Establish a positive attitude toward teachers and schoolv To give the possibility to learn undividual fasilitasa nd choicev Encourage students to learn.

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