Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I Can't Speak English Yet....?

That question it's always sound in our head, cause after thousand ways that we try to learn an english but we haven't got the great deal about that, we still can't speak english well, So if we see to the back, there several causes that made we can't speak english well.

1. Environment
To speak english well must have an ideal environment to improve our speaking ability. why that? it's so simple we want speak english well, we must create an english environment around us, so we can practice our english every day without limit, but if the english atmospher can't made, never espect the best!

2. Speaking Partner
The second cause is, there isn't speaking Partner for us to practice our english. it's a major problem i thing, because if we don't have sparing partner for speak english, i thing we can't have any progress. so if we want speak english paster we must find a partner for speaking, and as the record we must find a partner that has speak english fluently and i suggested if you want speak english faster i recommend you better find a native speaker for maximum result.

3. Less Motivation
Another cause, why we can't speak english it's because we don't have a huge motivation, cause if we have a problem in learning a english we always desperate and hasn't a mood to learn again. it's why we never got a maximum result.

4. Hasn't a Direction or Last Destination
Everything in this world must have a destination or Final Dream it's happen to if we want to speak english we must have a destination for that, we must have a final want, because we must have a plan after we has been speak english well. because there is a theory say "Language it's 90% habits" so if we rarely use it, the language soon or later it's died.

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