Tuesday, June 9, 2009

As a Teacher; Are We Smarter Than Our Children..........?

That question above it's almost hauted us as a teacher, we always thinking that we must be smarter that they. but in this day, we can't thinks like that.... almost children in this day, especially children in ages about 3 until 5 years, are almost know everything around them, beyond they ages, sometimes they know better than they parents or they teacher about something that we thinks more complicated.

I don't know why?but if we see closely it's very positive effect, why i say that?it's because as a teacher we more easy to send our lesson to them, but this fenomena it's not always accepted as a positive ways, some people (teacher) have another opinion about that, they not accepted it as positively because they thinks "teacher it's everything, and no children that smarter than they", so it's really difficult if we all thinks like that, we can't move forward because we can't accepted the changes.

And for now and for the future as a teacher we must improve our skill better and better so there isn't any word can say "my student is smarter than me".

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