Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talking about Education.........

There are so many aspects that we can talked if want discusse about an education, for example we can talking about children development, school quality, teacher teaching skills, cost of school, and so many aspect we can discusse if want talking about it.

Most people ussually talking about the development of their children, it happen when they meet in some place or some other kind of meeting. If they talking with another people, they ussually always spread some kind of rumors to another people, but what I write above it’s a most popular topics that always talked. Sometimes their want to show about their children intelligence to another people. From the conversation they try to tell people beside them, that they have a greatest kids and tell that they kids is very special.

Ussually most of the talker are womens, who has have her own family and got married. They spend a lot of time to watching their children behavior and they development every days, because they don’t have a job outside their daily activity to take care the kids and they house and they not one of career women.

It’s different situation if we have look to other environment like people who live at middle low neighbourhood, they have different topics to talked. They didn’t have time to talking about their children education because they must work and work to find a sen of money to gave they family a food to eat and a water to drink.

It’s very seldom for the peoples who want talking about their future to have a education especially for they kids, they always suffer every day because they didn’t have something to eat. They feel shameless to another people that have more riches than them, they shy about they poorness.

Mostly they came from another city or they came from village, and they try to find they fortune to a big city, ussually they didn’t have a special skill to survive in big city, and what happen next is there is a beggar every where, every single corners of the city is full of them. But it’s cannot happen if we have an education.

In this situation we need some help from all peoples especially form the government. Don’t let them feel ignoring, desperate, and hopeless. We must help them especially to get a better education. Don’t let them alone, it’s like kicking them from our live with being ignore them and pretend that they not exist in our live.

It’s really shame and really bad situation, and I affaraid if the situation like this continiued for a several time, there is a negative consequen that we can have in the future.

I really concern about this situation because it’s happen surrounding our environment, that we really not know about it. So I want to tell everyone all over the world to help all unlucky peoples that can’t have a chance to get an education. So they can have a education to change their live.


  1. nice article mas. yeah, every children regardless their social and economic background deserves education. that's way the government launched the program "Education for free".

    warm regards,
    lagi usil

  2. it's right. children are our future generation in the family environment and the nation. Their education must be considered. so that they can soon become a useful human being.... sorry.. my english is bad.. hiihiii..
    saya dikursusi dunk...
    lam kenal mas, tengkiyu telah mampir du blog saya


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