Monday, June 22, 2009

My Teaching Experient

There are several reason, why i choose being a teacher as my job. First, I think it’s  very interesting work to do, because you can be a manager for your student, manage them, and help them when they find difficulty in their matter. And then why I really like be a teacher, it’s because I like to observate people behaviour especially kids. And the last thing from all, I really love children at all.

    Beside that, there are several teaching experient since I teached 3 years ago until now. Most of my experience are funny and can’t described in a words, because I really enjoy it. It’s fun to interact with the children, every day we can find something new from them, we can observated them, analize they habits, talking with them, etc. it’s never boring if you surrounded by little creatures named children, they always show us any kind of  live from their activity.

    But, it’s not always fun. Sometimes I got unhappy experient with my students, it’s because they really naughty and disobey some task from me. Some of them are very hard to close, need more try and hard work to make them close to us and need an extra patient for me if I want send my lesson to them. Sometimes I need unussual method for them to make my lesson  more easier so they can receive my lesson gently.

    For all my teaching experient about teach a difficult student (like the children who have unussual habits or children who haven’t good receiver than another children) there is a student, you can call him “Norman”. He is at second grades and he so very active and has unussual habits such as make weird noise, dance with no music, act like an animal, etc. but this kid doesn’t have any problem to follow any lesson in class, it’s very amazing for me if I see that fact about him above.

    That’s the way, I love my work very much because I found a new thing everyday from my student, even if they always naughty and that’s make me angry or yelling at them it’s not mean I am a cruel teacher. It’s just I really care about them, because some of them doesn’t have enough attention from they parents and that why, some of them are very naughty and stubbordess kids. But anything that happens above, I really enjoy my work as a  teacher and I love it very much.

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