Monday, June 22, 2009

Talking About Cross Cultural Understanding

There are a lot different food from each countries and cultures, and we can see it from a newspapers, magazine, or Television programs. for example American’s has a unique habits for eating a food, and there is a diffrences between an American who live in big city with a American people who live in small city or uptown, and  we know that American peoples really concern about they live and healthies and they have different perception about healthy food and unhealthy food.

Almost peoples in America likes a junk food such as burger, hot dog, sausages, etc. and they rarely eats at home especially for American peoples who live at Big City such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. but it’s doesn’t mean an American peoples never eats at home, because most of American who eat outside it’s a unmarried peoples, so if they one of most busy people in their country and they didn’t have married, they seldom eat at home. And it’s different when they have married, they always have time for eat at home.

Most of American Peoples especially when they ages going to 18 or more ussually they decided to live separetely from they parents that’s the reason why. They rarely eat at home because they almost didn’t have a time to prepare their meals. And it’s quite differences if you live in eastern countries especially in Indonesia because in indonesia we always eat at home and if our ages going to 18, our culture didn’t recommende for you to live separately from your parents especially if you’re jobless, you‘re still in your parents responsible, except if you’re married already. And indonesian peoples rarely eats outside their home, they always eats in their home and almost eastern countries eats rice such as Thailand, Phlipine, China, and of course in Indonesia, people in Indonesia is really likes rice and there are some old word say “your stomach it’s not full if you didn’t eat rice already before eat another foods” .

Most of foods in Indonesia is rich of spices and ingredients and they feel tasted if the food didn’t have enough spiced or ingredients on they dishes. This food culture is influnce by Indonesia Geography that have a tropical forest and contains a lot of unique plants and trees that produces many kind of spices. That’s why Indonesia known as one of the largest countries who produces spices and ingredients in the world. And we can see almost dishes in Indonesia have at least 5 or 11 spices and ingredients in their foods, it’s different when you meet a dishes from western countries you almost cannot see they add a lot of spices on they foods. In western countries they didn’t know a lot of spices and ingredients as much as we know in eastern countries, they just know kethcup or salt to give a taste they foods. In eastern countries especially in Indonesia almost hundred of their dishes is cooked by fry and has a lot of greese or fat, and the smell it’s so strong and make you flying and hungries soon when your nose smell it.

The conclusion is that we know, there a huge different between eastern foods and western foods such as from the spices, ingredients and how they cooked. And we can see differences habits to eats a food between eastern countries and western countries from their daily activity and how they live everyday, and all of that it’s really change how they eats and how they do. And maybe we should try it someday if we have a time and oppurtunity.

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