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This Type Of Learning/Enrichment Activities

There is a slight difference between "learning with activities". In the dictionary of the language of Indonesia, learning is a process, a way, deeds makes people or living beings learn. While the activity is an activity; effort; jobs; strength and agility (in trying); excitement. From the difference, it could be explained that the enrichment learning experiences which are given to students who go beyond minimum requirements prescribed by the curriculum (not all students can do it). While in enrichment activities are activities that are given to students in the fast Group leverages the advantages of time so that they have the knowledge that is richer and better skills. There is really no fundamental difference between the enrichment learning activities for the enrichmen

In selecting and implementing the activities for the enrichment, the teacher needs to pay attention to whether that activity in accordance with the characteristics of the enrichment activities. What are the characteristics of these enrichment activities? According to Guskey in Julaeha (2007) there are two characteristics of the enrichment activities, namely: 
  1. the enrichment Activities are activities that are fun and give you the satisfaction of control (not a repetition of previous learning activities). 
  2. Enrichment activity is an activity that should be challenging for students who are demanding the application of higher-order cognitive abilities (analysis, sistesis, evaluation, and creation).
A. types of Enrichment Learning 
according to Mone (2008) in the Guide organization of the Learning Enrichment, there are at least three types of enrichment learning, namely: 
  1. exploratory Activities are presented to students in the form of historical events, books, community leaders, and so on that are not covered in the regular curriculum. 
  2. Process skills needed by students in order to succeed in doing the study topics of interest in the form of independent learning. 
  3. Problem solving by students who have the ability to learn quickly is a real problem-solving using a problem-solving approach. It is characterized by problem solving: 
  • the identification of the problems will be solved, 
  • the determination of the focus issue/problem to be solved, 
  • the use of various sources of supporting data collection, 
  • using relevant techniques, 
  • data analysis, 
  • results of a false assertion.
B. types of Enrichment Activities
in designing and implementing activities for the enrichment, teacher applying individual approach. Enrichment activities more flexible compared to the activity of remedial. This means that the enrichment activities in order to utilize the remaining time is an activity that is fun and can stimulate the creativity of the students independently. There are several activities that can be designed and implemented by teachers in relation to enrichment. The following are some enrichment activities expressed by Julaeha (2007):
  1. Peer Tutor in addition to effective peer tutors, remedial activities also effectively used in enrichment activities. Through peer tutor keiatan, understanding the concept of a student will increase because they will have to master the concepts will be explained they must also seek techniques to explain the concept to his friend. In addition Peer tutors can also develop a high level of cognitive ability. 
  2. Develop Training Group Students quickly can be asked to develop practical exercises which can be carried out by peers who are slow. This activity can be done to the detriment of material that requires a lot of practice, for instance in the subjects of mathematics. The teacher can also ask the students to create a quick group problems exercises along with the answer that will be used in the remedial activities or as an exercise in peer tutor activities.
  3. Develop Media and learning resources Student groups are given the opportunity to make quick work of the model, the game or the paper related to the materials studied was then utilized as a learning resource for students groups later. 
  4. Does the project student involvement in a project or prepare a special report relating to the matter being studied is the most enjoyable enrichment activities. This activity can increase the motivation to learn, opportunities to develop talent, and add new insights for students groups quickly.
  5. Give the game, problems or the competence of among students in this activity, the teacher can give assignments to students to solve a problem or game related to the subject matter that they feel challenged. Through these activities, they will try to solve the problem or a game and they will also learn from each other by comparing the strategies/techniques they use in solving problems or games provided. 

That's some kind of learning enrichment and enrichment activities that can be designed and implemented by teachers in order to help students to develop an insight so that its potential is growing optimally. Teachers can determine and choose their own enrichment activities provided in accordance with the characteristics of the enrichment activities. Hopefully useful!

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