Monday, September 29, 2014

The types and characteristics LEARNING MEDIA

Media in the learning process can be grouped into three major groups, namely audio media, visual media, audio-visual media.

1. Audio Media
Audio media is media that involves only the sense of hearing and is only able to manipulate sound capabilities alone. 

Characteristics audio media 
The main characteristic of this medium is the message that is routed through the audio medium is poured in the auditory symbol, both verbal and nonverbal. 

2. Visual Media 
Visual media is media that involves the sense of sight. 

Characteristics of visual media 
a. picture 
Images can be broadly divided in three types, namely sketches, paintings and photographs. 
b. graphs 
The graph is a simple image that is more or less an accurate depiction of the quantitative data in the form of an attractive and easy to understand. 
c. diagram 
Diagrams are often also used to describe the location of the parts of a tool or machine as well as the relationship with the other parts. 
d. Chart 
Chart is similar to the diagram. The difference is more emphasis on a chart or a development process or an organizational arrangement. Chart sometimes accompanied by symbols or pictures, then this pictorial nature. There is also a chart that is coupled with a brief description. 
e. map 
Map is a picture of the earth's surface or part thereof. Actually, the map can be called as well as charts. 

3. Media Audio Visual 

Audio-visual media is media that involves the senses of hearing and sight. 

Characteristics of audio-visual media: Media that involve images and sound.

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