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Methods Of Teaching Fellow (Peer Teaching Methods)

There was the time a teacher suffered a deadlock in choosing effective methods for applied learning process in order to achieve the expected competencies mastered by students. Although various learning methods, determine which method is most suitable to be applied is not easy work. This is actually a teacher prosecuted keprofesionalannya as educators, counselors, and teachers

In General, students are very interested in new things. On the basis that a teacher must jelly in select the learning method to students staying motivated and keen to learn. Methods of teaching fellow (peer teaching methods) can be used as an option to meet it. Just don't get too often applied due to the effect, the study will ultimately monotonous and boring student.

Peer teaching method is a technique of delivering learning through peer or help themselves. Starting from the discussion of the matter until an assessment is also made of and by the students in the group itself (self assessment and peer assessment). As for the value of the end is a merger between the assessment by teachers and peers. From the defenisi, the teacher should be able to modify the method of peer teaching to fit the student applied for SD (high grade) especially on the part of his assessment.

Cooperative learning with this technique can be implemented in conjunction with the method of discussion. Prerequisites for implementing learning with peer teaching method in the class, there are some students who have to fast (smart) and all students are likely to have relevant knowledge base.

Step-by-step method teaching fellow (peer teaching methods) 
  1. Teacher explains the topic, learning objectives, and measures/activities that will be undertaken by students 
  2. to divide students into several groups of 4-6 students evenly (each group there is a clever student)
  3. in the company of his students learn from and with another fellow in a way of mutual benefit as well as the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experiences of each. 
  4. Each Member of the group being sued gave their own opinions as well as responses that will be merged in a single conclusion. 
  5. Each group formulated the results of its discussions in one conclusion on the basis of mutual agreement. 
  6. A few minutes later (about 20 minutes) one of the members of each group are taking turns teaching the results of his findings in the presence of other groups. 
  7. Each group was asked to give a response (criticism, suggestions, opinions, questions, comments, etc.) and discuss differences of opinion until the problem is resolved every 
  8. problem that comes up is noted by teachers and given the solution 
  9. Teachers give conclusion problems and solving them, so each student's understanding of the uniform. 
  10. The assessment is done by teachers during the learning process is ongoing (especially in step 3)

Benefits of peer teaching method 
  • Improving students ' learning motivation
  • Improve the quality of the learning process 
  • Enhances the interactive social learning 
  • Encourages students in students towards higher-order thinking skills are 
  • Developed to work in groups
  • Improve the sense of responsibility for their own learning 
  • Build a spirit of working together
  • Train the skills of communicating 
  • Improve the results of learning

Disadvantages of peer teaching method 
  • Requires a relatively long time 
  • If students do not have the relevant knowledge base then this method ineffective 
  • Likely dominated by students who love to talk, clever, or who want to accentuate themselves 
  • Not all teachers truly understand how each students work in groups 
  • Need to be modified to fit applied to students (this technique is usually applied in college) 
  • Requires extra strict teacher attention

Research results Lyn Longaretti, et al (The University of Melbourne)-Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL). National University of Singapore, at: http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/

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