Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Schooling In Indonesia

There is always a way for each of a strong will. In the context of education quality in Indonesia, a glimmer of hope that emerged from the implementation of the regional economy (regional autonomy), the role of community institutions are also concerned with improving the quality of education in Indonesia for the whole Indonesia children.
Along with the implementation of Law No.22 of 1999 on regional autonomy, counties and municipalities as the subject has greater authority in managing their own households. With such authority, the area could have a broad space to be creative in print formidable human resources, tailored to regional interests. Regions also know best the needs of human resources in the region. With regional autonomy, local government district or municipality can directly translate into the need for human resources policy area. Among others through free education programs and incentives for teachers. 
Government Gowa regency, South Sulawesi Province is one of the pioneers in the implementation of free education in Indonesia. Gowa bold initiative, to innovate in developing the potential of daeranya according to eliminate the cost of education up to high school level since 2007, long before the government's campaign for free education. Local government with authority to give adequate support. Starting from the rule of law on the budget allocations for education sector to the rules prohibiting types of charges related to school operations [i]. A number of other instruments were also issued to accompany the policy is that with the establishment of the compulsory education law No.10/2009. In it is set on the obligation for school-age children, to attend school. Otherwise, as in Japan, concerned parents should bear the risk six months in jail or a fine of 50 million. Various program innovations in pendidikanpun prepared as the development of audio visual media, or the learning of mathematics through the medium of gaming, and so on. To provide education free up to the high school level, the government Gowa allocate budget to $ 11 billion or about 21.26 percent of the total budget (Kompas, 21/1/2009). This means that autonomously allocate Gowa daring exceeds the central government budget. Gowa Education Department also issued a policy to allow poor students to school without uniforms. So in Gowa no longer project the procurement of materials that in fact be an excellent clothing for profit.

Jembrana District, Bali Province is also not left behind. In order to improve the quality of education, Jembrana regional governments eliminate school fees from primary school through high school for public schools and provide support in the form of scholarships for students who can not afford the private schools. Jembrana regional governments also provide incentives for teachers in the amount of Rp 5000/hour. Almost the same as in Jembrana District, Local Government and Kutai Kertanagara Halmahera also eliminate the cost of education. If in Halmahera exemption costs through high school, in the Kutai Kartanagara been to college. Pemda Kutai also give incentives to teachers, which cost Rp 1.5 million. A number of other areas also started doing the same policies.

Another glimmer of hope to the realization of free quality education and also supported by the community. Among the amil zakat institution that is growing very rapidly in Indonesia in recent years. For example, Rumah Zakat Indonesia (RZI), Purse Dhuafa Republika (DDR), Al-Falah Foundation for Social Fund (YDSF). Amil zakat institutions are getting the trust of the community to manage zakat, infak and a nominal sodaqoh considerable and increasing from year to year. Distributed, one of which is for education. A number of institutions / companies / foundations also had its share and more and more popping up in order to advance the quality of education in Indonesia.

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