Friday, July 29, 2011

Portrait of Education in Indonesia

Once the contents of the latest status of Education University of Indonesia on facebook today. Enough to make a moment it occurred, what it has done for education today.

Just yesterday published on in the media, the expression of students of Indonesia to face the National Final Examination. Dominant in the highlight, of course those who still can not get a diploma. Crying, screaming, angry. Is this the reason why UAN should be abolished? So that no one should be depressed to face failure? Why should replace the assessment system? What about the teaching system?

In terms of quality of education, the UNESCO data (2000), Indonesia ranks 102 (1996), 99th (1997), 105th (1998), and all 109 (1999) from 174 countries. Ironically, on campus, I often hear students' achievement Indonesia at the International Science Olympics are regularly held every year. The results are quite encouraging and soothing in the midst of the nation's slump. Evidently there is still hope of our education to rise.

Unfortunately, such governments are less sensitive to the glorious achievements of this nation shoots. Works by country boy underestimated, resulting in a convoluted bureaucracy in the application for permission to get a patent. No wonder many child domestic work is found in the land. Well if only his work, unfortunately the person was found there. Developing the skills of their thoughts on the country side. The reason? Do not ask again, assurances from the country they live in certainly more enticing and makes the heart peace so they can focus more on his researches.

The problem of education is not a problem that can be solved one day, by changing the policy only, atupun just change the terms and acronyms only. Obviously it takes a short time not to proceed to fix it. But is not no change when not started from a step?

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