Friday, October 23, 2015

Some Mistake That Teacher Must Avoid in Teaching (Part 1)

Failure teachers in teaching often occurs as a result of fundamental errors that are not recognized have been done by the teachers concerned. Of course this is a personal opinion and the observations of colleagues who complain about the failure of students to understand and comprehend the material that has been presented as well as the values ​​of kindness that should be attached to the student life with regard to moral values ​​as if not grounded at all.

Our hope through this article fellow teachers especially those of my own through this post can be inspired to not make the same mistake as will be explained below, and able to self-correct as reflective as well of course with the attitude of objective and sincerity in performing continuous improvement so on turn will be able to provide the best for the students they teach and is both a direct criticism for us all.

Actually, every teacher has the potential to successfully carry out their duties as agents of learning that are reliable. This can not be separated from the adage that every person has the characteristics, uniqueness and ability (capability) different. The success of an educator can clearly be seen from the success of pupils when following the process and achieve learning objectives and can familiarize themselves with the good things that have been taught.

Without the success of the students, the teachers do whatever is of no value, everything is nothing. Especially important for an educator is how to prepare learners capable of self-sufficient, independent, competent, capable, responsible and noble, this is actually the toughest challenge of professional educators, it is necessary to educate the educators are calling, not on solely on the basis of calls the value of salaries let alone benefits of certification.

Here are five mistakes teachers when teaching that can lead to failure of students achieve the learning objectives optimally.

Mistake # 1. Egocentric thinking. 
The most fundamental error is really neglected by teachers. This error will also impact on the incidence of other mistakes. Have you ever heard a complaint like this, "I have earnestly teach this class but the result was very disappointing!" Or complaint is, "This child you know, has been described many times still do not understand!" Two examples of such complaints shows that teachers is concerned egocentric thinking, just by himself. Yes, according to the teacher, she has taught in earnest or've explained many times. He did not think about the problems faced by students when learning to follow so that did not succeed. Lest because teachers can not communicate coherently with the language that is easily understood? Or, maybe the student's learning style of visual and kinesthetic but not met by the teacher, so the teacher's teaching style is not acceptable for students?

Mistake # 2. Insensitive To change class atmosphere. 
In the process of learning, a teacher obligatory control of the class. Completely! It is important that the learning process goes smoothly. We know that the class consists of various characters. Therefore, efforts should be made so that the diverse characters that can be orchestrated towards the realization of learning enjoyable symphony (please check again quantum learning). Symphony orchestrated towards learning enjoyable, meaning that all potential class (students) should be empowered to help each other to realize success for every individual. Thus the average achievement to be high grade.

Examples insensitivity for example letting teachers when teaching the class clown to distract the student who is eager to follow the teacher's explanation that the concentration of the class being split. Or allow students who are not orderly distract other students who are learning. This seemingly minor problem, but if not immediately addressed could result in failure of the entire class. This is related to classroom management. So in this case an educator needs to equip itself with an understanding of the characteristics of each student as well as the understanding of the values of understanding of the management of the study group. And the most important thing is how an educator capable of putting rigor on learners, without having seasoned with anarchic and destructive behavior that makes learners are reluctant to return to the next learning atmosphere.

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