Friday, October 23, 2015

Some Mistake That Teacher Must Avoid In Teaching (Part 2)

Failure teachers in teaching often occurs as a result of fundamental errors that are not recognized have been done by the teachers concerned. Of course this is a personal opinion and the observations of colleagues who complain about the failure of students to understand and comprehend the material that has been presented as well as the values ​​of kindness that should be attached to the student life with regard to moral values ​​as if not grounded at all.

Our hope through this article fellow teachers especially those of my own through this post can be inspired to not make the same mistake as will be explained below, and able to self-correct as reflective as well of course with the attitude of objective and sincerity in performing continuous improvement so on turn will be able to provide the best for the students they teach and is both a direct criticism for us all.

Actually, every teacher has the potential to successfully carry out their duties as agents of learning that are reliable. This can not be separated from the adage that every person has the characteristics, uniqueness and ability (capability) different. The success of an educator can clearly be seen from the success of pupils when following the process and achieve learning objectives and can familiarize themselves with the good things that have been taught.

Without the success of the students, the teachers do whatever is of no value, everything is nothing. Especially important for an educator is how to prepare learners capable of self-sufficient, independent, competent, capable, responsible and noble, this is actually the toughest challenge of professional educators, it is necessary to educate the educators are calling, not on solely on the basis of calls the value of salaries let alone benefits of certification.

Here are five mistakes teachers when teaching that can lead to failure of students achieve the learning objectives optimally.

Mistake # 3. Ineffective communication. 
Examples of ineffective communication (teacher wants to remind students to do homework given), "Children, you know to be careful not to forget your homework. You do it all. If you do not do your homework, then tomorrow you will not get score from me. "Why not say it like this," Children, remember, do your homework. Everything! Tomorrow I will give you score. "Is not that a second language is more efficient, and therefore more effective. So, when we intend to ask for something, just say exactly what we mean. If the children were told to be quiet, so to say, "Children, be quiet!" 

When the children were told to pay attention to the teacher's explanation, ya say, "Children, look at this!" And the like. Avoid excessive language or even threaten, intimidate learners will only produce the syndrome of fear for learners on the one hand, the other hand will only justify ourselves as a teacher and authoritarian dictator. Effective use of language will lead a proactive attitude of learners to always be focused and used to perform words, works effectively and efficiently.

Mistake # 4. Teaching Without Preparation. 
Speaking about the preparation of teaching, I am reminded of a friend who said things like, "Want to succeed in teaching, preparation for carefully!" Preparation of teaching is like scenario in the movie. There will not be a good movie and a good watch without a good scenario. Similarly, there will be no successful learning without proper preparation. Most teachers (reportedly) reluctant to make proper preparations. As a result, the classroom learning takes place as if without direction.

In fact, it is a professional teacher. One characteristic of the professionalism of a teacher is to develop a learning plan Correctly. I trust you will correct your mistakes in teaching (if the other day did not make the correct preparation), so that the learning outcomes of students really encouraging all components (associated with your learning). Besides the Necessary readiness references least with regards to what we want to discuss the next day, is a naïve if a teacher does not literate information and technology literacy, at least not until there is a situation one step behind, the teacher lost control of the material and reference to the understanding the which is owned by learners when learning takes place.

Mistake # 5. Not Doing Comprehensive Evaluation. 
Evaluation of learning must be done thoroughly. If you've made a thesis on quantitative research, you'll recall that the instrument you use must be tested for validity and reliability. Learning evaluation instrument was actually to be tested for validity and reliability. Evaluation instruments must be valid and reliable. But for this discussion, we will not be as detailed as his thesis. Overall meaning here is that the evaluation of learning about the preparation of a minimum should include forms such as multiple choice, stuffing, short answer. Not only multiple choice, or stuffing it. The material covers the entire material being taught (at least a basic competence).


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