Wednesday, August 26, 2015

9 Characteristics of a Healthy Child Physical and Psychological Aspects

Every parent would want their children to grow up healthy and smart. Should identify healthy children from an early age, in order to quickly overcome when confronted with disorder.

There are several characteristics of a healthy child. Children were cheerful, ideal body weight, and clever and has a good appetite seems highly expected that each parent. The characteristics of healthy children not only in terms of physical, but also in terms of the psyche and how he socialize with their environment. Here are nine characteristics of healthy children:

Smart kid

1. Grow well, which can be seen from the increase in weight and height were regular and proportionate. You can see in the table height and weight for babies and children.
2. The level of development in general according to age level. You may be able to compare the physical and mental condition with kids his age.
3. Tampat active, agile and happy.
4. clean and shining eyes.
5. Appetite good.
6. lips and tongue looked fresh.
7. Respiratory odorless.
8. Skin and hair looks clean and dry.
9. Easy to adjust to the environment.

Simply put, healthy children in terms of physical, psychological and socialization are:

In terms of physically marked with a healthy body and a normal physical growth.

Psychologically, it is the soul of healthy children develop naturally, thought to grow smart, sensitive feelings grow, the willingness to socialize well.
In terms of socialization, children ponds active and agile, cheerful and easy to adjust to the environment.

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