Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The First Child is Smarter than The Younger Child.

The first child does have a higher intelligence than they brothers, but the difference in IQ level is not
too high.

Results of studies involving 377,000 school children concluded, first born child does have a higher IQ and have a positive attitude than they brothers.

However, differences in the level of intelligence of children with the eldest brother is not too significant, so less impact on everyday life.

Eldest children tend to be more extroverted (personality open), has a high curiosity and readily agreed. In addition, children are also more rare first panic than a second child and so on

"The first child has the advantage of a higher level of IQ 0:02. Although the difference was statistically significant but it's useless," said Rodica Damian, professor of psychology at the University of Houston.

Because it is a little difference, according to Damian, this should have no effect on parenting.

He said, to ensure a child's IQ differences based on birth order, research should be done long term, collecting data and IQ test scores of personality until the child reaches a
certain age.

Who Know....?

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