Wednesday, August 26, 2015

characteristics of smart kids

You already have a child, it may be a bit difficult to know whether your child is classified as smart-witted child or not. It is rather difficult to know, but that does not mean it is impossible to see, because the intelligence of a child can still be seen from the attitude or behavior everyday.

1. Comprehension is quite fast. When you're studying, he quickly understood about it or the material being he learned.

2. Sense of curiosity is greater than other children. Intelligent child is a boy who used to think, and his brain was always working. The time to learn something, he sometimes can not take for granted the subject matter.

3. His brain will continue to wonder why? or how?. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the characteristics of intelligent boy is she always asks about things he wanted to know.

4. Easy to focus on something that is at hand. This is one feature of a smart kid.

5. A bright child will find a solution or an answer to be. For example, when he was given a question, he will never be satisfied until he had solved the problem.

Generally, the characteristics of smart kids are looking for answers to a problem in its own way. For example, a student is given matter, he did not want to just be given a direct answer. He prefers to be directed, until he can get the answer itself to be more satisfied.

7. Most of the intelligent child is a child who is active and responsive to anything. This is because the brain is accustomed to worn or used to think. So when faced with problems, he was quick to respond and actively seek a solution.

8. The characteristics of the other smart kids is easy to give self motivation or to motivate yourself to move forward.

9. Children are generally intelligent child who is able to socialize well. Examples of smart child is that he is able to interact with others and even strangers. He does not look awkward or embarrassed (confidence).

10. Children are intelligent tend to be very disciplined, responsible and able to be independent.

11. Easy to memorize is one of the characteristics of smart kids. He could memorize the place easily, memorize how to do the problems, and memorize a variety of other things.

Characteristic feature of the Smart Baby

That is some characteristic feature of smart kids. The intelligence of a child can even be seen since he was a baby. Generally, at the age of about 3 months, the intelligence of your baby can be seen from the ability to contact the eye, giving a response, or even a serious look / silent when spoken to by his mother.

At the age of about 6-8 months, the characteristic feature is the intelligent babies begin to capture or understand what was said by the mother or other people. For example, a mother tells about the name body parts, for example the hand. When asked about the baby which is called the hand, he could raise his arms or pointing her hand in response.

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