Thursday, June 7, 2012

Realize the dream of children starts at home

Happy to see the kids healthy, smart and funny. Behavior and his adorable often makes parents feel amazed, delighted and happy. Children with all the advantages and disadvantages to living in a family to be colored. Its presence can make parents become more enthusiastic about life. Children gave more energy to the parents in achieving their dreams and hopes, can live happier and better in the future.

Realizing dreams and hopes through the child would need a good accompaniment. Action since he was little respect for the child is an effort to create a good personality. Honoring a young child as well as adults to respect their parents can cultivate good qualities, humble and confident. Humble nature of the child will grow up through the behavior of his parents, as the older people still respect even to small children. Children to be confident as always appreciated parents' positive action.

Respect the child can be done by pledging to use the language both spoken and polite, calling the child as well, say thank you when your child help or do something good, say sorry when parents make mistakes, do not yell, scold or even beat when he did a mistake.

Independent child, humble, confident, responsible, good moral and discipline is the hope of all parents and everyone's dream. To that end, the Prophet advised parents to always respect and help the child. The trick is to accept even a small business, to forgive his mistake, do not burden him with a heavy load and did not scold him with a curse that hurt him (Quraish Shihab: 2007).

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