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Children's level of intelligence is inherited from the mother?

Have you heard the suggestion "a smart look for a wife in order to have a child who is smart because intelligence is derived from a mother". However, you must be confused and wondering, is how the intelligence was inherited from the mother? whether intelligence can be improved? and what affect intelligence?

To answer these questions, the following descriptions that might be your reference.

Is Intelligence Inherited?
Towards the end of 1997, a scientist announced that he had found a gene on chromosome 6 intelligence. The average person has a specific sequence in the gene they will be, but the children are intelligent with an IQ of 160 who examined him has a somewhat different sequence of the gene IGF2R TSB. Robert Plomin discovery was soon mired in controversy. There's not much debate that took place in the history of science as powerful as the debate over intelligence. Intelligence with IQ test parameters themselves are controversial. In the late 1990s, many scientists introduced another intelligence: emotional, spiritual, quotience adversity, etc.. One expert, Howard Gardner, and even has defined nine different types of intelligences, including visual intelligence, verbal intelligence, musical intelligence, wit and even athletics. This latter study it seems more fair. Said Mozart, Hemingway, or Zidane is more stupid than the Newton, is now going to sound pretty silly.
Another study conducted Thomas Bouchard. Started th 1979, he assembled a separate twin pairs from around the world and test their personality and IQ. Unexpected results of this study is the correlation between adopted children who grew up with turned out to zero. That is, there is no influence of family upbringing on IQ. If not family farm, then what determines the IQ? The answer is the role of a mother's womb! According to another study, the influence of events occurring in utero to the intelligence of a three times greater than anything done by the parents after the baby is born.
The conclusion to be drawn from earlier studies is, this time according to Ridley, that roughly half of the IQ we have gained through inheritance, and less than 20% came from the family farm. The rest came from the womb, school, and peers. Inheritance as children's IQ portion of approximately 45%, whereas in the late teens up to 75%. In line with the growth, the child gradually express their innate intelligence and leave earlier influences that infused others. Finally, although legitimate proven that intelligence is inherited, inheritance does not mean that can not be changed. Innate intelligence plays an important role, as the influence of environmental care can not be underestimated. Take the baby from a couple of quantum mechanics professor and doctorate in molecular biology, and then enlarging it in the Middle of Nowhere, a place where children suffering from diseas and other negative things. and wait until seventeen years later we will prove the conclusion of Ridley.

Who's More Involved in Bequeath Intelligence in Children?
Genetic factors influence a mother is the intelligence of children. According to geneticists from UMC Nijmegen Netherlands Dr Ben Hamel "The influence was so great because of the intelligence level of someone associated with the X chromosome from the mother".
Therefore, intelligent women who gave birth to a child who has great potential too smart. "Thus, it is better to have an intelligent mothers than fathers who are intelligent," said Hamel. However, genetic disorders of the mother can also pass along to their children, including mental retardation.
Under normal circumstances, every human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes consisting of 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and a pair of sex chromosomes. There are 23 chromosomes come from the mother called XX and 23 pairs of chromosomes from the father again called the XY chromosomes.
Chromosome from the father and mother will be joining the event of fertilization, the encounter between sperm and egg cells that would generate the zygote. Under normal circumstances, the zygote will perform a mitotic cell division so that each cell in the human body will carry the same genetic information.
The brain is said to have the ability to function optimally if Kreativ and innovative thinking at the right time. To get the brain cells to function optimally, in addition to genetic factors, are also influenced by nutritional intake, and external stimulation.
Genetically inherited from either parent, nutrition and stimulation from the outside depends on how we meet the nutritional needs of children, and caring for children, whether the game, the interaction of parents and children. Educational games and a lot of creativity inviting children would be better for brain development is complete. Intelligence so that in fact it is the accumulation of genetic, nutritional supply and stimulation. With the sense that although parents have good genetics, but she is not given good food and without it intellect is stimulated it will not appear perfect.
How A Mother Important Role in Children's Inheritance Intelligence?
How can a mother be a determinant of children's intelligence? Perhaps this question will sound less beautiful ears of men because it is basically a child born out of a meeting between the sperm (male) and ovum (female) through the process of fertilization in which after the fertilization process, the two gamete cells will be merged into one and form a zygote then divides into morula, blastula, gastrula, and differentiate into small living in the uterus which is called a fetus (fetus).
Ovum is a gamete cell consisting of a complete cell nucleus and cytoplasm with the organelles that will play a role in the process of cell division and multiplication. Gametes are sperm cells made up of the head and tail with the cell nucleus that contain mitochondria as a conduit of energy for sperm movement. As explained previously that 14 hours after fertilization the sperm tail containing the mitochondria will be removed and discarded, ovum and sperm cell nuclei would fuse into one, forming a new cell (zygote) 2n. Zygote nucleus is a combination of sperm and ovum nucleus and cytoplasm while the cell organelles derived from the ovum cell organelles. From this description it can be seen that the percentage is greater than the role of ovum sperm in the next cell division activity.
This is where the mother role in determining the beginning of intelligence, namely through the mitochondria. Interestingly, mitochondria are inherited only by mothers, not fathers. Therefore, the mitochondria from the egg rather than sperm cells (as listed earlier). In every human cell there is a very strategic organelles function. These organelles called mitochondria. Hollow oval organelles, membranes composed of two layers of membrane, the membrane bulging into the cavity (matrix), and contains many respiratory enzymes. The main task of mitochondria is to produce the body's chemical called ATP (adenosine tri phosphate). The reaction of the ATP energy that is the source of energy for humans. Mitochondria are semiautonomous because 40 percent of the proteins and enzymes produced by the genes. Mitochondria are one-one part of a cell's own DNA, the rest of the gene resulting in the cell nucleus. That's why a mother's investment in the child reaches 75 percent.
In conclusion, based on the description of the 3 questions above. In theory, the intelligence of children may be strongly influenced by the intelligence of a mother. However, the phenotype (appearance) that we see is not merely the result of genetic factors but also the result of interaction with the environment.
What about you? Are you interested in finding a wife in the hope that smart your kids are also smart in the future. But the important thing is how will the way you educate your children to have good character and noble manners. Is not that the more mainstream

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