Friday, June 29, 2012

Peer Teaching

Peer Teaching is a learning method that are trendy right now. Even in PLPG Teacher Certification will be one of the material. Peer teaching is a method that makes the students do not get bored, while the teachers did not feel bored. Here are excerpts Peer teaching material which I quoted from the findings prepared by the class action Suntusia, S.Pd. Good insight into materials for training teachers who will had a PLPG.

Peer Teaching in Indonesian or better known as peer tutors, there are some experts who examined this issue among others, is the Edward L. Dejnozken and David E. Coupling in the sense of American Education Encyclopedia mentions peer tutors are as follows: Peer Tutor is a procedure to teach students other students. The first type are teachers and learners of the same age. The second type is the teacher who was older than the learner. Another type of exchange sometimes raised the age of teachers. Muntasir in programmed instruction book suggests that the Tutor works as a handyman or the executor of teaching, way of teaching has been prepared specifically and in detail.

Another function is the presence of peer tutor students who are less active as aktf because no longer embarrassed to ask questions and to voice opinions freely, as expressed by M. Saleh Muntasir that the interaction between the tutor with his pupils that they can realize what is buried deep in his heart, and imagination.

Thus, the system of teaching by peer tutors will assist students who are less able or less quick to accept the lessons of his teacher. Peer tutors for student activities is an activity that is rich in the actual experience is the need of the student. Tutor or ditutori equally benefited, the tutor will get the experience, being a ditutori be more creative in their lessons. Some opinions on the above, and the author's experience in the field, convinced me to apply the peer tutor in the learning KKPI. It seems easier for students to issue an opinion or thought and trouble to his own rather than to teachers, students are more shy and embarrassed. This is possible because some students have formed their own language, behavior, feelings and questions that can be accepted by all students. While peer assessment is an assessment of students' activities by the tutor, of course with the criteria that had been predetermined.

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