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History of Indonesia Boy Scout (Chapter II)

The Born Of The Scout.
Indonesia History of Scouting
Scout movement was born in 1961, so if you would listen to the background of the birth of the Scout Movement, one needs to assess the circumstances, events, and events around the year 1960.

Of expression has been described before, we see that the scouting association in Indonesia at that time very much. The amount is not sepandan the total number of members of the society.

Regulations that arise during this planting is MPRS No. II/MPRS/1960, dated December 3, 1960 on the national development plan. These provisions can be found in Section 330. C. which states that the basic education in the field scouting is the Pancasila. Demolition of scouting so (Article 741) and education to be intensified scouting and government approved plans to set up a Scout (Article 349 Paragraph 30). Then the scout to be freed from the remains of Lord Baden Powellisme (Appendix C Section 8).

The decision gives government the obligation to execute it. That's why president of the / Mandatory MPRS on March 9, 1961 to collect the figures and leaders of Indonesia scouting movement, housed at the State Palace. On Thursday evening that the President revealed that the existing scouting must be renewed, methods and educational activities should be replaced, the entire scouting organizations that have merged into one called the Boy Scouts. The president also appointed a committee consisting of lane IX, P and K Minister Prof. Prijono, Minister of Agriculture Dr.A. Azis Saleh and Transmigration Minister, Cooperative and Community Development, Achmadi. This committee certainly need something endorsement. And then come a Presidential Decree No.112 of 1961 on 5 April 1961, the Committee on Establishment of Scout Executive Assistant to the membership as it is called by the President on March 9, 1961.

There is a difference between the designation or assignment committee the President's speech by a presidential decree it.

Still in the month of April as well, out of Presidential Decree No. 121 of 1961 dated 11 April 1961 on the Establishment Committee of the Scout Movement. The committee members consist of lane IX, Prof. Prijono, Dr. A. Azis Saleh, Achmadi and Muljadi Djojo Martono (Minister of Social Affairs).

The committee is then process the Scout Association, the Annex to Presidential Decree No. 238 of 1961, dated May 20, 1961 of the Scout Movement.

The Birth Of The Scout
Scout movement was marked by a series of interrelated events, namely:

Speech of President / Mandatory MPRS before the leaders and scout leaders representing organizations located in Indonesia on March 9, 1961 at the State Palace. The incident was later referred to as the TUNAS SCOUT MOVEMENT DAY

The issuance of Presidential Decree No. 238 of 1961, dated May 20, 1961, on the set of the Scout Movement Scout Movement as the only organization that commissioned scouting scouting education for children and youth in Indonesia, and passed the Articles of Association of the Scout Movement is used as a guide, instructions and grip for the managers of the Scout Movement in carrying out their duties. May 20th is: National Awakening Day, but for the Scout Movement has a special meaning and represents a milestone for environmental education in the third. The incident was later referred to as THE BEGINNING OF WORK DAY.

Statements of the representatives scouting organizations in Indonesia who willingly immerse themselves in the organization of the Scout Movement, performed at the Senayan Sports Palace on July 30, 1961. This event is then called a pledge SCOUT DAY MOVEMENT.

Mapinas inauguration, Kwarnas and Kwarnari at the State Palace, followed by a procession Scouts to be introduced to the people who preceded the conferring of the Scout Movement Flag-Flag, and all of which occurred on the date of August 14, 1961. The incident was later referred to as SCOUT DAY.

Introducting The Scout
President's speech on March 9, 1961 also outlined that the Proclamation of Independence anniversary of the Scout Movement has been there and known by the public. Therefore RI Presidential Decree 238 of 1961 there should be supporting the board and its members.

According to the Scout Association, chairman of the association held by the National Leadership Council (MAPINAS) in which there are national scouts and National Kwartir Daily.

Governing Body of the center is symbolically arranged to take the sacred number 17-8 - '45, which is composed of Mapinas to 45 people of whom sat in Kwarnas 17 people and in Kwarnasri 8 people.

However, in its realization as such in the RI Presidential Decree No.447 of 1961, dated August 14, 1961 amounts to 70 people Mapinas members with details of 70 members that 17 of them as members Kwarnas and 8 people among the members of this Kwarnas Kwarnari members.

Mapinas chaired by Dr. Ir. Soekarno, the President, the Vice Chairman of the I, IX lane and Vice Chairman Brigadier General II Dr.A. Aziz Saleh.

Meanwhile in Kwarnas, lane IX chairman and Brigadier General Dr.A. Aziz Saleh as Vice Chairman concurrently Chairman Kwarnari.

Scout movement was formally introduced to all the people of Indonesia on August 14, 1961 not only in the capital Jakarta, but also in an important place in Indonesia. In Jakarta, about 10,000 members of the Scout Movement held a Big Apple followed by development and parade march in front of the President and around Jakarta.

Before the parade / procession, the President swore in members Mapinas, Kwarnas and Kwarnari, in state court, and deliver gifts of appreciation and honor of National Flag Indonesia Scout Movement (Decree No.448 of 1961) which were administered to the Chairman of the National Kwartir, Sri Sultan Hamengku IX lane just before the parade / procession begins.

Introductory event on August 14, 1961 is then performed as a SCOUT DAY is celebrated annually by all ranks and members of the Scout Movement.

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