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History Of Indonesia Boy Scout (Chapter 1)

History of Indonesia Scout Movement is a summary of the history of the establishment where the scout movement since the beginning of the period when the Dutch colonized Indonesia so called "Dutch East Indies".

Period of the Dutch East Indies
The fact history shows that young people of Indonesia have a "share" of the movement's struggle for independence in Indonesia as well as existing and educational development of the national scouting Indonesia. In scouting it seems development of education and the encouragement of the spirit to come together, but there is a symptom of the Unity organization.

Scouting organizations in Indonesia was started by the branch "Nederlandsche Padvinders Organisatie" (NPO) in 1912, which at the outbreak of World War I has its own large Kwartir and later renamed the "Nederlands-Indische Vereeniging Padvinders" (NIPV) in 1916.

Scout organization initiated by the Indonesian nation is Javaansche Padvinders Organisatie; stand on the initiative of SP Mangkunegara VII in 1916.

The fact that scouting is interchange with the national movement, as mentioned above may be considered on a "Padvinder Muhammadiyah" which in 1920 changed its name to "Hizbul Wathan" (HW); "Nationale Padvinderij" founded by Budi Utomo; Syarikat Islam founded the "Syarikat Afdeling Padvinderij Islam "which later changed to" Islam Syarikat Afdeling Scout "and better known as SIAP, Islamietische Padvinderij Nationale (NATIPIJ) was established by Jong Islamieten Bond (JIB) and the Nationale Indonesisch Padvinders Organisatie (INPO) was established by the Youth Indonesia.

Scouting organization's desire to unite Indonesia at that time appeared to start with the formation of PAPI is "Brotherhood Between Indonesia Pandu" Nationality is a federation of Pandu, INPO, READY, and PPS NATIPIJ on May 23, 1928.

This federation can not last long, because the intention of the fusion, resulting in the 1930 National Scout stood Indonesia (KBI), which pioneered the character of Jong Java Padvinders / Pandu Nationality (JJP / PK), INPO and the PPS (JJP-Jong Java Padvinderij); PK-Pandu Nationality). Files: KBI.jpg

PAPI later evolved into the Central Scouting Brotherhood Indonesia (BPPKI) in April 1938.

Between the years 1928-1935 began scouting movements were born in Indonesia both the main wing of nationality or religion breathing. scouting the breathing may be noted Pandu nationality Indonesia (PI), Padvinders Organisatie Pasundan (POP), the Sultanate of Pandu (PK), Sinar Pandu We (SPK) and Scout Rakyat Indonesia (KRI). Breathing while Pandu Ansor religion, Al Wathoni, Hizbul Wathon, Scout Islam Indonesia (k), Islamitische Padvinders Organisatie (IPO), Tri Darma (Christian), Catholic Scouting principle of Indonesia (LEG), AD Scout Indonesia (KMI).

In an effort to garner unity and union, the Brotherhood of the Central Scouting Indonesia BPPKI plan "All Indonesian Jamboree". This plan has some good changes in the time of execution and name of the activity, which then agreed to be replaced with "Scout Camp Indonesia generally" abbreviated PERKINO and held on 19 to 23 July 1941 in Yogyakarta.

Japanese Colonial Period (Dai Nippon)
"Dai Nippon"! That is the name used to refer to Japan at that time. During World War II, Japanese troops entered the attack and the Dutch left Indonesia. Indonesia Party and people's organizations, including the scouting movement, banned stand. However, efforts to organize PERKINO II remain to be done. Not only that, the spirit of scouting remain lit in the hearts of its members. Because the Boy Scouts is an organization that respect the value of the Unity of the nation that's why The Japanese people do not allow The Scouts still born in Indonesia

Republic of Indonesia Period.
A month after the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia, some scouting leaders gathered in Yogyakarta and the Committee agreed to establish Indonesia as a Scout Unit working committee, indicating the formation of an umbrella organization for all the Indonesian scouting and immediately held a Unity Congress Scout Indonesia.

Congress intended, held on 27-29 December 1945 in Surakarta with the formation of the People Indonesia Pandu. This association is supported by the entire leadership and character as well as strengthened by the "promise of Way Association," then the government of Indonesia acknowledged as the only scouting organization established by the decision of the Minister of Education, Teaching and Culture No.93/Bag. A, dated February 1, 1947.

Difficult years faced by Pandu Rakyat Indonesia since the invasion of the Netherlands. Even on the anniversary of the independence of August 17, 1948 held a bonfire in the courtyard of East Pegangsaan 56, Jakarta, threatened and forced the Dutch arms Soeprapto to God, fall as Pandu, as a patriot who proves his love for country, homeland and nation. In the area occupied by the Dutch, Pandu People standing prohibited. This situation encouraged the establishment of other associations such as the Scout Son Indonesia (KPI), Pandu Puteri Indonesia (PPI), Scout Indonesia Muda (KIM).

The period of armed struggle to defend our beloved country is also dedicated to the members of the scouting movement in Indonesia, then ended the period of armed struggle to establish and retain its independence, at the time of Pandu Rakyat Indonesia is the second congress held in Yogyakarta on 20-22 January 1950.

Congress, among others, decided to accept the new conception, which give an opportunity to re-group for ex menghidupakan their respective organizations and be open a chance that Pandu Rakyat Indonesia is no longer the only one scouting organization in Indonesia with the decision of the Minister of PP and K number 2344 / Kab. dated 6 September 1951 dicabutlah government's recognition that Pandu Rakyat Indonesia is the only container scouting in Indonesia, so the decision 93/Bag numbers. A dated February 1, 1947 it was over.

Maybe a bit strange if direnungi, for ten days after the decision of the Minister No. 2334/Kab. it out, then the representatives of the organization's scouting konfersensi Why did the explosion in Jakarta. At this moment, exactly on 16 September 1951 decided upon the establishment of Scout Association of Indonesia (IPINDO) as a federation.

In 1953 Ipindo managed to become members of the scouting world

Ipindo is a federation of the scouting organization's son, while the daughter, there are two federal organizations that PKPI (Scout Association of Puteri Indonesia) and POPPINDO (Unity Organization of Pandu Puteri Indonesia). Both of these federations have jointly welcomed haven Lady Baden-Powell to Indonesia, en route to Australia.

In the Proclamation of Independence Day is the 10th National Jamboree held Ipindo, housed in Ragunan, Pasar Minggu on August 10 to 20, 1955, Jakarta.

Ipindo as executor container Scouting activities felt the need to hold seminars in order to overview the efforts to ensure the purity and survival of scouting. The seminar was held at the monument, Bogor in January 1957.

Tugu Seminar was to produce a formula that is expected to be used as a reference for any scouting movement in Indonesia. It is hoped the existing The Scout be united. A year later in the month of November-ber 1958, the Government of Indonesia, in this case the PP and K Department held a seminar in Ciloto, Bogor, West Java, the topic of "Penasionalan Scout".

If the Jamboree to be implemented in Ragunan son-Jakarta Sunday Market, the camp held a large PKPI daughter called Clover Village located in Chester. Clover Village was accomplished in 1959. In this year also send a contingent to the Jamboree Ipindo World in MT. Makiling Philippine.

Well, times and was the eve of the birth of the Scout Movement.

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