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Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Indonesia (Part2)

Cultural Diversity in Indonesia

Among living creatures, only humans who produce culture. With reason it has, people form culture. This fits with the term culture itself. The term culture derived from the Sanskrit word, which is buddayah or buddhi, which means of reason. Culture means everything produced by the mind of the human mind itself.There are three forms of culture, the culture in the form of ideas, customs, and cultural objects.
  1. Culture in the form of ideas, including science, indigenous customs, and regulations.
  2. Culture in the form of habits, including how to find food (Livelihoods), social procedures, procedures for marriage, arts, and a wide variety of traditional ceremonies.
  3. Culture in the form of objects are all objects that are created by humans, such as tools everyday purposes, houses, jewelry, treasures (weapons), vehicles, and others.

Humans create the culture to survive and meet the their needs. In addition, the culture was created to cultivate beneficial to the natural order of human life. Due to environmental conditions different nature, then there is cultural diversity.

Recognize cultural diversity in IndonesiaIndonesia is very broad region. Neighborhood residents Indonesia also vary. There are people living in coastal areas; there who live in the mountains, there lived in the area lowlands, and others. So do not be surprised if there was a wide cultural diversity in Indonesia. 
We take a sample form of the house. Neighborhood affects form of the house each tribe. Custom homes in Java and in Bali is usually built directly on the ground. While the houses Indigenous outside Java and Bali are built on pilings or called home the stage. Why built houses on stilts? The reason people make Other homes for meghindari panggungantara flooding and avoid animal predatory. Below the house is usually used to maintain livestock and storing goods.

Cultural diversity can be seen from a variety of forms custom home. Here are some examples of custom homes.1. Houses Bolon (North Sumatra).2. Tower House (Minangkabau, West Sumatra).3. Houses Joglo (Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java).4. Houses Lamin (East Kalimantan).5. Home landscape (Central Kalimantan).6. Houses Tongkonan (South Sulawesi).7. Honai house (House of Dani tribe in Papua).Each tribe has customs. Customs that regulate life together. Customs reflected in traditional clothes, various ceremonies, such as funerals, marriages, births, and in association governance. Traditional clothing worn in traditional ceremonies. However, there are also traditional clothes are worn in everyday life. Here are examples of traditional dress in Indonesia.

Every tribe has traditional ceremonies in the events important life. Eg birth ceremonies, reception becomes members of the tribe, marriage, death, and others. Names and forms ceremonies marking life events were different in each the tribe. Some examples of rituals performed tribes in Indonesia, among others, as follows.1. Mitoni, tedhak siti, ruwatan, festivity, grebegan (Javanese).2. Seren epidemic (Sunda).3. Kasodo (Tengger).4. Nelubulanin, Ngaben (Bali).5. Signs gift (Toraja).Indonesia's cultural diversity is also apparent in the arts the area. There are a variety of local art forms. Here are some local art forms.1. Music and folk songs.2. Traditional regional dances.3. Traditional performing arts.4. Painting, carving, sculpture, and traditional wicker.Respect the culture in IndonesiaMany foreigners are so impressed by the results of culture of the tribes nation in Indonesia. The results of the amazing culture of the nation, between Other buildings such as the Borobudur temple art, art like gamelan music Java and Bali, the Kecak dance arts such as dance, sculpture like statues made the Asmat. Cultural diversity is the wealth of our nation. Culture regional culture is the main capital to develop national culture. The national culture is the tops regional cultures that exist in parts of Indonesia. Regional culture which can become a national culture must meet the requirements, such as:
  1. showed characteristic or identity of the nation;
  2. high quality so that it can be accepted by the entire nation of Indonesia; and
  3. appropriate and proper appointed as national culture.

National culture should have the cultural elements that have recognition of all our nation, so it belongs to the nation. The national culture implemented at the national level activities, such as independence anniversary celebration August 17, commemoration days national, and activities of government or private offices.As citizens we should be proud of Indonesia in the presence cultural diversity. The various forms of cultural It is a priceless legacy. We must respect the cultural diversity. We also have to preserve and develop various forms of cultural heritage that exist today.

How to respect the cultural diversity that exist in Indonesia? Attitude of respect for cultural diversity can we show with these attitudes. 

1. Respect for other group that runs the habits and customs
2. No insulting other ethnic culture results. 

3. Want to watch the traditional performing arts. 
4. Willing to learn and develop various kinds of traditional arts such as dance, music, and performing arts. 
5. Proud of the results of culture in the country.

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